I just want to thank all of these reviewers who took the time to warn people about this place! I was planning on trying to go there next weekend. It was something I have been looking forward to for quite a while, having found their website a few years ago but the... Read more

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I just got a phone call from I presume them. They didn't give me name of company, hi, you filled out a form at Disney on ice, izod theatre in November (which I did) for a holiday giveaway( it was for a Disney vacation), you have won a trip to either cancun, Jamaica or... Read more

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Always paid in full every month for 10+ years. Account was hacked for several hundred dollars. Citi credited account for hacked amounts. I closed my account with CitiCards. Recieved no subsequent correspondence from Citicards. Recently received notice from debt... Read more

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In 2007 I bought a luxury care package from Warranty Direct aka Interstate after being contacted by way of postcard. I paid $1697. I was told my warranty would provide coverage from bumper to bumper. I had one occasion to use the warranty in 2008. Interstate paid... Read more

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We are happy to hear your problem was resolved. Roca Labs LOVES our customers and strives for excellent customer service. Read more

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If you're expecting a freebie like most people do, then this is not for you. Some folks will pay the shipping and handling and then cancel the order. When you initially place the order and pay shipping and handling the company will also put a temporary authorization... Read more

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If you are easily brainwashed, then Market America is for you. My best friend of 30 years came for a visit. We didn't speak for a year cause she didn't like my opinion bout MA. ya know -- common sense gets in the way. She started in again bout OPC3 and *** shop... Read more

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I went there on Saturday with my babygirl who is 12years old. and yeah a lot of these comments I read is true. first they put you in a room with so many people and have you wait. then they call you one by one and take your picture with some cheap little camera and take... Read more

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Sono Bello's reply to:

Sono Bello has helped over 65,000 patients look and feel their best and we’re sorry that you did not have a good experience with your consultation. Should you be interested in another consultation in the future we would be happy to welcome you back to our offices. Read more

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Do not get cheated by buying insurance or discount health plans from this company. When you submit a health insurance quote for your need ,if you get a call from 954-858-5337 they claim themselves as United Health agent and tell all *** stories about coverage and trap... Read more

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