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I just want to thank all of these reviewers who took the time to warn people about this place! I was planning on trying to go there next weekend. It was something I have been looking forward to for quite a while, having found their website a few years ago but the... Read more

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Always paid in full every month for 10+ years. Account was hacked for several hundred dollars. Citi credited account for hacked amounts. I closed my account with CitiCards. Recieved no subsequent correspondence from Citicards. Recently received notice from debt... Read more

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I just got a phone call from I presume them. They didn't give me name of company, hi, you filled out a form at Disney on ice, izod theatre in November (which I did) for a holiday giveaway( it was for a Disney vacation), you have won a trip to either cancun, Jamaica or... Read more

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as you can see, there are many many negative reviews about salad master. A cook ware that can cost up to $3,500.00 . It's a Sham when dealers on top of dealers make your money. It's obvious why it is over prices. Dealers have to get paid and paid huge. Dealers are... Read more

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We are happy to hear your problem was resolved. Roca Labs LOVES our customers and strives for excellent customer service. Read more

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Hole in One International 70+ BBB
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Hole in One International and the SAME People different names Hole in One USA Odds on Promotions have over 70 BBB complaints 20 Local Poor Reviews 25 Rip Off reports 5 Pissed Consumer and 40 Scam informer reports WHY Would you ever listen to word these dogs tell ya... Read more

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If you are easily brainwashed, then Market America is for you. My best friend of 30 years came for a visit. We didn't speak for a year cause she didn't like my opinion bout MA. ya know -- common sense gets in the way. She started in again bout OPC3 and *** shop... Read more

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I don't know about the product, but they charge you - fraud. The 14 days of trial period starts at the time of order. Not when you receive. As the result, you have full charge of $87.41 within two days of the reeving the product. Call them back, for the full... Read more

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I initially received 10/1 arm and 30 year terms for refinance. i wanted the 10/1 ARM and submitted all information, agree to a credit check. I thought I was on good terms after the phone call with Victoria. this is when things took a turn. 1. Paperwork was for 30... Read more

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Second time ordering. Frustrated.. definitely will be the last time!! I've have angood experience with christy and Jacob but the new guy (with a south african accent) really irritates me. He lacks proper business etiquette. Keep me on hold for a while over a order... Read more

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