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Lord & Taylor had been my favorite department store since the 1960s until October. After sending the wrong item TWICE, they now say they never received the second return and cannot refund my money. This is after Ashley in customer service ASSURED me on the phone... Read more

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Oh My God, I made the mistake of giving my cell phone number to call me back! In one day they called me over 50 times and hanging up because I refused to do business with them. I could hear them laughing in the background. THey threatened to "take action", whatever... Read more

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I purchased a motor home from them last year. I had problems from the beginning, it should never have passed a NYS inspection, the front brakes were bad and just found out the back brakes are bad and the boot for the steering is rotted. I will never buy another... Read more

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After working in a few salons for nearly 9 years - some wildly big but indiviusally owned and others corporate owed, I have never met such a malice and repulsive woman to this day. I first thought she had to make other peoples life a living ***, but after a few months... Read more

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got my statements and was charged for unknowen charges i have called, sent copies of statements and got no answer as to what they would to fix problem. now what do i do? i call and get know where with customer service. i want my money back asap, i live on soc,sec.... Read more

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If you think the price is right for a Faber Home, your completely completely mistaken. The homes are junk! The Employees are ***-holes! The Contractors are low paid scums! Save yourself 10 years of headaches, read the complaints, talk to the neighbors, walk through a... Read more

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Terrible service there yesterday! Had a prescription recheck. Appt at 4:45. Got there at 4:10. Told them I was early. No one in store and the drs were walking in and out. I still waited. Dr came in and out asking for a charger for his iohine! I still say there. I was... Read more

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I have been using wen hair care product for over 3 years now. I love it love it and would not use any other product but wen. Since using wen my hair has been manageable, no frizz, and hold it style. I have no problem with my orders or charging my card. I thank God... Read more

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I want to talk to u over the phone is that ok? Read more

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Order:# 24082418Status: processingDate: 03/08/2016this is what I still have emailed six times received same answer sorry for the inconvenience. I will never shop from this site again Thank you for writing in. Always here to help. Again, we sincerely apologize for the... Read more

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