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After 54 days of trying the Reverse line, I decided to send it back for a refund per their policy. I took a picture of the invoice that had accompanied it since it was the only proof I had of ever owning the product. I also took a picture of the mailing receipt and... Read more

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Read the fine print! They will just charge your card for products you didn't even agree to when their renewal email goes to spam. This is a monthly service and the products are subpar quality. Save your money and invest in Goldwell or other quality SALON products. I... Read more

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I recently applied for Thousands of dollars in credit for services I have paid towards but have not received yet. It is an extremely frustrating and stressful process trying to get this resolved thru Comenity Bank as they are referring us to talk to a company that... Read more

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This company and everyone associated is a complete scam. Was told product was made in Germany to find a Made in Slovenia sticker on my machine, the representatives are pushy and dealing with customer service has not been pleasent, would nor recommend this product to... Read more

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I'd been employed for over 4 years with the same company when I had to relocate for personal reasons leading me to have an hour commute each way to work. I decided to start job searching & was contacted by AppleOne (I will abbreviate from here on out as AO) after... Read more

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Excelsior college school of nursing CPNE examination is a scam. I am at my seven year enrollment and I just finished taking CPNE. I don't understand how this program can expect their students to pass CPNE when they have their students waiting an average of 13 months to... Read more

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I AM FURIOUS BEYOND BELIEF! Macys is playing with people's money! I went to the Macy's at Colonie to purchase 2 foundations. The Estee Lauder woman was NOT there. So I was "helped" by a woman from Origins. The woman told me that the product doesnt exist anymore,which I... Read more

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I sell, install and service Marvin and integrity window and door products. I have to reiterate what several other posters have noted. Installation is key , a cheap window installed properly can perform better than the best window made if it is not installed properly.... Read more

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We bought am RV from RV one in Albany. From the very start it was the worst buying experience in my entire life. We were lied to about the financing, terms rates and more. The coach was sold to us as new, but when I drove off the lot I saw the odometer had 900 miles on... Read more

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I have had Yahoo Messenger since it started it was a perfectly great working program. Then after all these years they come out with the new one. I was able to chat with my daughter in Mexico and see her on camera and talk this new one is so useless I wonder where... Read more

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