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i am trying to get a class action suit going. I have requested a law firm to take on the case and they probably will if i get more people to email with the same complaint. here is the law firm - Gutride Safier LLP. please inform other complaint websites so we can get a... Read more

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Advocare is a waste of money... Here's how you lose weight get off your *** and workout, eat proper portion sizes and healthy foods there is no miracle weight loss kit this is no more than a placebo. I just completed a challenge would never waste money on it again and... Read more

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After 54 days of trying the Reverse line, I decided to send it back for a refund per their policy. I took a picture of the invoice that had accompanied it since it was the only proof I had of ever owning the product. I also took a picture of the mailing receipt and... Read more

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I recently applied for Thousands of dollars in credit for services I have paid towards but have not received yet. It is an extremely frustrating and stressful process trying to get this resolved thru Comenity Bank as they are referring us to talk to a company that... Read more

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We have an HD Flip Video recorder which is only 5 months old and cost $200. My husband dropped the camera and cracked the lens COVER (not the lens itself) Since it was past the 90 day warranty, Best Buy said to contact the manufacturer, which is what we did. Flip... Read more

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Read the fine print! They will just charge your card for products you didn't even agree to when their renewal email goes to spam. This is a monthly service and the products are subpar quality. Save your money and invest in Goldwell or other quality SALON products. I... Read more

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I am a business owner and utilize UPS much during each month. I am usually happy with their service, but The UPS Store on 1436 Altamont Ave, Schenectady, NY has changed my view of UPS stores. This store has no customer service skills and excessive costs. On March 28,... Read more

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On 6/27/08, my husband purchased a 16 piece bucket of original chicken from 1235 Central Avenue Kentucky Fried Chicken in Albany, New York. After getting the chicken home, it wasn't what he ordered, but kids were hungry. So, we picked out the chipolte pieces and... Read more

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My parents have dealt with ocwen since they took over their mortgage in 1997. They have nearly killed my disabled father with stress. Multiple foreclosures, forbearances not honored and now a second bankruptcy to prevent them from taking their house that we believed... Read more

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Sears Home Services - Review about Carpet Cleaning from Albany, New York
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I'm in Albany NY. 1$t my quote did not include the $20 travel charge. They used a machine similiar to a rental, refilling it repeatedly from my sink. The worst carpet cleaning service ever- I should have used mine and saved some $$. They don't scrub stains or rake up... Read more

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