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Sandia Shuttle - Last Shuttle to Santa Fe is Unnecessarily LATE 2.0 New management took over Sandia Shuttle in the Spring of 2017. The Last shuttle to Santa Fe used to be at 11:45 p.m. The new shuttle schedule has the... Chicos - HORRIBLE! 1.0 Lady in Chico's in Santa Fe ordered at top and pants that went with a pancho I got in Albuquerque (that sales associate ordered it for me and I... Featured Panera Bread - The sandwich was the worst sandwich I regret going to Panera for a Turkey Panini with Kale sandwich. I ordered half a sandwich and it was a little over $7 just for the sandwich and an... Minute Clinic - Immediate bill sent w/o billing medicare The FNP said my flu & pneumonia shots would be paid by Medicare and my Plan F supplement. However, I just got a bill that says I owe $$, and I must... Verizon - Glass in my face and hands from s7 screen protector! 2.1 The same thing happened to me! S7, mophie juice pack, purchased in May. Unfortunately varizon refused to replace the mophie case... after only... Fabletics a scam 1.9 This company should be ashamed of how it operates. Even it's own "consultants" cannot explain how this works. I had over $400 in "credits" yet when I... Dish Network - Misrepresentation of sevice agreement and initial rates 1.7 I have been with Dish for 1year to the date, and without notice my rate is going up, even though when I signed up I was guaranteed that it would... Sign this Petition to tell DirecTV that customers have value! 1.0 DirecTV has been using policies and fine print to take advantage of customers. Enough is enough!

That's why I created a petition to Carmen P. Nava, Senior Vice President – Customer Care, which says:...