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HSBC auto loans sold or merger their company to a bull *** company called Santander consumer which happens to be a collection agency. What kind of *** is this. My first statement come to me looking like a collection letter not a statement at all. How degrading is this if some one else sees it! I am so upset over this it makes me want to scream. so when i called them the first thing i hear on the phone is their miranda of how the call is recorded... Read more

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The ads about enjoying "Deep REM Sleep" all night long are still running. Really???? That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one! I'm surprised that the National Sleep Foundation hasn't cited you on that. Just shows what an honor that endorsement is....NOT! You could say that your ads are doing the job because I am very familiar with them and retain what is being sold. However, the ads have a negative effect on me. If the manufacturer... Read more

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1st of all, let me state that the employees in the Roswell New Mexico store have been the most polite, professional, and helpful people I have encountered in any store in New Mexico. The problem is target corporate and I am disabled and my waterbed sprung a leak. My sheets are to the point if I wash them again they will fall apart. I knew when I took the bed apart that I would need new sheets. I have gone everywhere and nobody... Read more

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2011 Lance 830 poor quality materials ,you name it and it breaks . Bad thing you cant get parts never again Read more

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As a child growing up in S. Calif. we visited Disneyland a couple times a year. It was always fun...My brother and I could spend hours on Tom Sawyers island and be happy. We were even Mousekateers and members of the Mickey Mouse club house Sure at times it was crowded but back then you had tickets that limited what you rode on. and the most you had to wait might of been about 45 - 60 mins to get on a big ride This year on July... Read more

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after 3 years if use it just stopped. I used the NuWave over a couple of times a week and loved it, but if it only lasts 3 years then it doesn't save me much. In a few years I could have purchased a new oven which lasts 20 years+. All of a sudden the oven just stopped. I would enter the time and then start, but the time would reset to 0. Each time I tried it I would get the same result. I would unplug it and wait and the oven would reset.... Read more

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I spoke with customer service and they explained that I had gun past 3 year warranty. I noticed that you had change from a 3 year warranty down to a one year warranty. Anyway, if there's a problem with the head lasting very long then I guess I will consider other options. I did however notice on the website that the head or power head was sad to be able to last 30 years. I thought that interesting. I loved the product but at the prices they are... Read more

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I was contacted by phone, email & text. I was approved for $10,000. I agreed to $8000.00 loan with an agreed payback for 36 months @ $237.00 a month. I became suspicious when I inquired what the interest percentage was & the replied it would be $500.00. Nobody in business would even consider a loan that high with a return yield of $500.00 back. Then they ask for my banking account number & routing info. That's legitimate to conduct a monthly ACH... Read more

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We purchased a LED programmable window sign and it worked for a couple of months and all of a sudden went out and quit working. Called the company for help, the lady said they would ship a replacement sign to replace our broken one. Waited and waited and didn't receive the sign and its been 8 weeks later. So, I called Technical Support and got a guy on the phone, put me on hold while he "checked with the factory to see what the holdup was"... Read more

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i had an account on POF for a number of years (not always active due to relationships and such), and i never had a problem until this year. they deleted my account for breaking a tos rule, but i checked and i hadnt, so i asked them why they deleted it and tried to explain that i didnt break any rules, so there was obviously some mistake. they didnt even bother to reply. i was on their site 10 years and they couldnt take 5 seconds to answer my... Read more

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