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Hail Damage and Jodi-Rae Moore Allstate 1.0 We had hail damage to our roof, reported it immediately, mitigated damage, reported it immediately and got bids to fix the damage. Allstate and... Progressive Insurance - Claim has not been taken care of 1.8 I filed a claim back in May. To this day 8/10/17 it has NOT been taken care of!! This is absurd, disrespectful and unethical!! They are basically... Molina Healthcare - Molina is the worst healthcare provider to exist. 1.0 It took 7 Months to get an approval for an MRI. I have lived with severe pain and numbness in my lower back and legs. Due to the numbness in my legs... Sisbarro Dealerships - Lou Sisbarro your Son is a ***! 1.0 Jacqueline, I too was scammed by the Sisbarro Warranty. I was told that the dealership would NOT honor the warranty because I was not using their... Dish Network - Entitled to a refund from Dish? You have to tell them to give you your money back, or they keep it 1.4 Today is 10/19, I cancelled my Dish service 8/22. There's a $30 credit on my account for 2 months. I had no contract obligation to dish, and equipment... Horace Mann Educators - WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER 1.0 I work for car dealership and I deal with Insurance companies every single day. It is our job to get the insurance binder/ declaration page for the... Aarons - Review in Furniture and Decor category from Las Cruces, New Mexico Sucks. Never renent from them Pizza Hut - Delivery Service Review from Las Cruces, New Mexico 1.9 Las cruces nm Pizza Hut on N Main is less than 10 minutes from my house... I've been waiting an hour for pizza & had to leave to get my daughter. Now...