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I was travelling and posting as I went. Didn't realize that I broke any rules. Anyway, suddenly my messages weren't getting thruugh to several very interested buyers. I was getting really frustrated and didn't realize why until I got an email that said my account was... Read more

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Jacqueline, I too was scammed by the Sisbarro Warranty. I was told that the dealership would NOT honor the warranty because I was not using their dealership to get my oil changed. I live in El Paso so its not reasonable to ask me to drive to Las Cruces for an oil... Read more

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My daughter is getting ulcers applying for veterinary school. Apparently the website is down and students are having to fax test score requests. She was charged $900 in an attempt to fax her request 3 times as the fax would not go through. Customer Service staff... Read more

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Very little racing compared to all the commericals. Too loud to hear, just an overall bad job. Never see the comentators. Many cars went out of the race with no explanition of what happened to them. Bring back FOX. Don't know most of the comentators. I would rather... Read more

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Felicia Clayborn: I made a payment and it did not credit to my account on August 25 so I called and talked to customer service they were not able to help so I asked for a supervisor and was told I could not speak to a supervisor! So I raised my voice and demanded to... Read more

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I ordered bed for my son and it was supposed to be delivered today. When I called they showed it was not paid for so they cancelled my delivery. I am a full time student and I work. I explained that I wont be able to get the bed tomorrow unless it can be guaranteed... Read more

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Today is 10/19, I cancelled my Dish service 8/22. There's a $30 credit on my account for 2 months. I had no contract obligation to dish, and equipment was received at Dish 9/12. That delay was theirs in sending their return info. Today, I called dish to ask where my... Read more

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  • Oct 31, 2016
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Martinsville oct 2016, after that delivery of a race, I'll forgo the last races and watch football. 1- 48 car was nearly lapped, stops and loses position to half the field under caution then is put on the front row and magically becomes unbeatable. 2- 20 car is shown...

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  • Sep 23, 2016
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I feel over in Wal-Mart. .68 an oz for good thins crackers. It'll be a cold day in he'll before I pay that Mick for a cracker, your --------- crazy.

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Oil Chang ripoff on 2 vehicles

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