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Sisbarro Dealerships - Lou Sisbarro your Son is a ***! 1.0 Jacqueline, I too was scammed by the Sisbarro Warranty. I was told that the dealership would NOT honor the warranty because I was not using their... Dish Network - Entitled to a refund from Dish? You have to tell them to give you your money back, or they keep it 1.4 Today is 10/19, I cancelled my Dish service 8/22. There's a $30 credit on my account for 2 months. I had no contract obligation to dish, and equipment... Horace Mann Educators - WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER 1.0 I work for car dealership and I deal with Insurance companies every single day. It is our job to get the insurance binder/ declaration page for the... Aarons - Review in Furniture and Decor category from Las Cruces, New Mexico Sucks. Never renent from them Pizza Hut Delivery Service Review from Las Cruces, New Mexico 1.9 Las cruces nm Pizza Hut on N Main is less than 10 minutes from my house... I've been waiting an hour for pizza & had to leave to get my daughter. Now... Direct Energy Customer Care Review from Las Cruces, New Mexico 2.6 Felicia Clayborn: I made a payment and it did not credit to my account on August 25 so I called and talked to customer service they were not able to... Poor Customer Services ETS-GRE Customer Service 1.0 My daughter is getting ulcers applying for veterinary school. Apparently the website is down and students are having to fax test score requests. She... Resolved Mattress Firm Customer Care Review from Las Cruces, New Mexico I ordered bed for my son and it was supposed to be delivered today. When I called they showed it was not paid for so they cancelled my delivery. I am...