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dON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT, it doesn't do anything it claims. i'm trying to reach customer service (no one there, really?) to get an RMA# so i can return the last batch. The testimonials in the infomercial had to be actors. I know they'll claim everyone is different, but i... Read more

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We are installing a pool and the company recommended your company. I starting filling out the application and in income section I combined mine and my husbands together. Then the application process was over and it never asked for my information. I called the company... Read more

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When the products didn't work for me I returned the package and waited to be refunded. I didn't hear anything back from the company and when I called they said they never received my returned package, of course. So I said I do not get any money back? It's my word... Read more

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I ordered a dress from Tidebuy thinking that it was a reputable company. Boy was I wrong. I received the dress like three weeks later, to my surprise the dress was a very far look alike to what I ordered. It was low quality and you can tell they tried to save money... Read more

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Need more information about a career at our Company? Head to so you can find the information you're looking for. Read more

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At 9 am this morning, I received a phone from some company thanking me for my order, promising me $100 in coupons, and saying I was now enrolled in in some program which would cost me about $30 a month! The woman spoke so quickly I couldn't get a word in edgeways.... Read more

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Escort scam. Bad advertising. Puts up false ads stating 'N/A', 'Only seeing new clients', 'last chance', etc. When you get to the appointment, she will take the donation for her time, and leave with it while you are not looking. She works with another escort named... Read more

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I've had "extra cash" insurance with CSI Central States Indemnity for 3 years. It's an insurance that pays out if you lose your job. I paid religiously, never late for 3 years straight. I was recently denied my Extra Cash claim because they state that I left my job... Read more

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Slumber Parties is now PureRomance. As a PR consultant, I can only begin to tell you how horrible I have had customers treat me. I love my job and do everything I can to make my Cusomters hppay, if only they had the same attitiude as you do that you wanted the party... Read more

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After taking a down payment of almost $10,000 my local franchise decided to close. This was after telling me my granite was on backorder and they had crew training problems and all kinds of other lies. A "franchisor" called me four months after we contracted with the... Read more

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