dON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT, it doesn't do anything it claims. i'm trying to reach customer service (no one there, really?) to get an RMA# so i can return the last batch. The testimonials in the infomercial had to be actors. I know they'll claim everyone is different, but i took it diligently with no result. Buyer Beware! I was taken in by all the promises in their infomercial. I have a painful knee due to being hit by a car while out walking. I had... Read more

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We are installing a pool and the company recommended your company. I starting filling out the application and in income section I combined mine and my husbands together. Then the application process was over and it never asked for my information. I called the company and let them know that my husbands pay stubs were not going to show the amount I submitted on application. He stated that there is only one name per application so he fixed to show... Read more

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I recently cancelled my membership, 6 days after I was charged the annual fee. I requested a refund of the annual fee and all they said was it was in the contract - and I would be charged regardless if I cancelled or not. I asked to talk with the manager and the desk clerk just blew me off and said read the contract. Talk about lousy customer service... they just want their money and could care less about goodwill or leaving a good... Read more

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My Pulte home came with a "free" baseline electric Whirlpool kitchen appliance package, with multiple options to upgrade the appliance line as long as it was electric. Only one problem - I wanted a gas range. Gas stub out - extra. Ok, no problem so far, just nickel and diming the customer. Gas range in the "free" appliance package - only one option offered, and it will cost $500. Where is the risk? I am not an appliance snob. As long as it... Read more

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I have been smelling something fishy for a few months. The smell started out smelling like a fish bowl, then rotted fish. By the time I finally realized that it was coming from my Zero Water filter, I had Giardiasis!! The more my stomach ached, the more water I drank, making it worse. I pulled the filter out and saw mold growing inside the filter. And I even keep the water in the refrigerator! I have had Giardiasis for over two weeks now... Read more

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When the products didn't work for me I returned the package and waited to be refunded. I didn't hear anything back from the company and when I called they said they never received my returned package, of course. So I said I do not get any money back? It's my word against yours? They said yes. I said well how about I show you my tracking number that shows proof you received my package? Then they returned my money. Scammers! Read more

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I ordered a dress from Tidebuy thinking that it was a reputable company. Boy was I wrong. I received the dress like three weeks later, to my surprise the dress was a very far look alike to what I ordered. It was low quality and you can tell they tried to save money by the way it was put together. Do not buy from Tidebuy, they will send you a very cheap low quality very far look alike of what you ordered. The customer service is horrible,... Read more

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Escort scam. Bad advertising. Puts up false ads stating 'N/A', 'Only seeing new clients', 'last chance', etc. When you get to the appointment, she will take the donation for her time, and leave with it while you are not looking. She works with another escort named Maya who has had similar problems as her, such as leaking client information, and handing it out to other people. Her rates go up without notice, and she charges different rate for... Read more

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Fellow Golfers: You see the ad on tv for a free club but they try to add on other clubs for hundreds of dollars. First they tell you how busy they are and if you dont want to buy their other clubs they have to call you back. Biggest scam in golf going on right now. Dont give em your credit card number, or use a prepaid with just enough on it if you want to see what happens. These guys should be investigated and prosecuted. I cant understand why... Read more

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