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Sears Home Services - Installation Not As Promised I normally like Sears, but they do not stand by their word. I purchased a gas dryer and double checked if a propane conversion was included in the... Pa Turnpike - Ez Pass Toll Review from Sparta Township, New Jersey 1.6 In addition to the high tolls charged on the PA Turnpike, I was recently forced to drive 10 miles beyond my intended destination because of one of... Lowes Veteran discount I gave Lowes credit for helping veterans with a small discount on purchases (10%). However when I went to the store this week I was told they will... Ooshirts - Disappointed!!! Nothing was ever shipped out. Unfortunately, did not do my homework first on the company. I ordered 7 shirts to wear at the upcoming fair. Was guaranteed delivery by August 15.... Nbc Sports Tv Channel Review from Sparta Township, New Jersey The most dominant team in the world just won a gold medal today. U.S.A. Women's 8 in rowing. According to NBC, Bubba Watson walking to the tee was... Breyers - Review in Food Manufacturers category from Sparta Township, New Jersey July 9 2016. I just opened up a 1 gallon container of Breyers ice cream (choc.chip cookie dough) just to take a scoop an found metal shavings in it!... Central Transport "Customer Service?? LOL 1.3 If you think that part of their service is bad try getting a billing disputed settled - billing of 2000 lbs for a shipment of 1154 lbs, billing of 140... Bon Ton Stores - Review in Shopping category from Sparta Township, New Jersey I currently work for bon ton and i only stay around because i need the money. When i first started, i loved my job, sure it was tough but i started...