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Guardian Protection Services - Cancellation and Billing 1.0 Worse company I had ever had to deal with to cancel a contract. I never seen a company try to charged you for the whole contract after you attend to... Rite Aid - AWFUL 2.1 Do not go to the Rite Aid on Washington Avenue in Parlin. I cannot go in there without getting completely aggravated - the morons that work in the... Asurion Insurance Fraud - Iphone replacement not made by Apple 1.0 I Received a Replacement iPhone that Apple confirmed was not made with Apple parts. Apple could not help me with the problems I had with the... Hyundai Motor America - 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Review from Sayreville, New Jersey It's not just white. I have a 2005 Santa Fe. The clear coat is delaminating on the whole truck. It's red. Clear is peeling off the base coat. I paint... Cvs Pharmacy - Prescription Refill Review from Sayreville, New Jersey 2.0 I have to use cvs pharmacy from my company. It's like we are forced if we want to save money. They never have my meds on hand. Wait time is just... Aj Perri - Your company sucks I had one of your techmicians come to my house and he had an attitude all the time he said I needed new piping for my clogged kitchen sink line. he... Dresslily - Review in Footwear and Clothing category from Sayreville, New Jersey 1.0 I am so glad that I did not went through with my purchase any company that I cannot have a phone conversation with red flag I been emailing them... Academy Bus - Terrible Service 1.0 They advertise a 1pm bus on Friday from Wall Street to Route 9 south. The bus doesn't exist. It has not shown up the last two weeks. When you call...