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Fur-ever Home Rescue - Adopt or Foster! "My family started fostering for Furever Home Dog Rescue in 2012 and we have fostered 10 precious pups until they found their Furever homes. We have... Amora Coffee - Cost for shipping and charge by I asked for Amora half pound of coffee and received it for $1, but was charged $12.97 for shipping from One day after the time to p... Aj Perri - Buyer Beware! 1.3 We had a nightmare experience with A.J. Perri. They sold us services we did not need and at outrageous prices. Now knowing that the technicians are... MagnaCare Sucks They mailed my doctor a check for $.67 My co-pay was $15.00 The balance after Medicare pays was 15.67. If I stop paying MagnaCare for coverage at... Poor Customer Service at Glamour Shots 1.3 Back in February of 2016, I had decided to get my picture taken by Glamour Shots in the Rockaway Mall. After the pictures were taken they forcibly... Fur-ever Home Rescue - Furever Home Dog Rescue Dog Adoption Review from Randolph, New Jersey Furever Home Dog Rescue is very disappointed to read this complaint. The intention of my response is not to argue about who said what, or who miscommu... Missouri Wind and Solar vs Extreme Wind and Hurricane Wind 1.0 THIS COMPLAINT IS FALSE!

This is the time of year when Jeff Whorman does his strikes against his competition. He launches a conspiracy campaign ag...
Stacks and Stacks - Company is a rip off 1.3 Placed an order that couldn't be filled for 6 month. Was never contacted. Then had to file a claim to get my money back.
0 stars for this company which also trades under the name organize it .com