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Model HVM1540DN1WW -- manufactured Jan. 2008, it is now Nov. 2009, and the thing is a piece of ***. None of the buttons work at all, and apparently this is a continuous problem with this model, yet has GE recalled? Offered to replace? Do they answer their phone at... Read more

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I think Luke Pasha is deliberately losing money to spite us. Anyway, 1) Thank you for all the people who responded to my comment. I will copy and paste the correction to where one of the respondees told me to write my letters of complains. IT would also be good if... Read more

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It all started at I submitted the application for health insurance coverage for myself my wife and my two children. That went fairly smooth I discovered that I would receive a descent tax break and selected the insurance for my family. Two weeks later I... Read more

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We had two bathroom vanities done (one vanity transformed and one brand new) and toilets replaced. We thought they did a great job. Only one problem with one of the sinks which cracked, but they fixed the problem. Also, the new vanity is a little high, and I jokingly... Read more

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this product has ruined the texture of my hair. I have very curly hair and now because of the dryness a lot of my curl is gone. I will never use this product again. my hair is now very dry and stiff whereas before using this product my hair was very soft and my curls... Read more

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I have to admit that I have no one to blame but myself - I should've read the reviews first, so my loss would've been prevented. But for those who can benefit for prior knowledge of the apparently common scheme running on Poshmark - here goes. I sold a dress to this... Read more

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They will have signs that are generic - "estate sales" etc. So you will not be able to run checks They will make you sign a complete waiver of rights. You will note that they will have "house bidders" They will have primarily - Salvadore Dali, Tarkay and Picasso prints... Read more

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I was told that I was approved for a three thousand dollar loan with only a ten percent interest rate where I would only have to back on the three thousand over a two year period and that for every payment that I made in time my credit score would boost up 5 points per... Read more

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Our clothes dryer has been non-functional for almost a month (3.5 weeks). It is still not working. Placed initial call on March 18. Tech came out within a couple of days, said diagnosis needed parts ordered. Tech was supposed to come back on March 26. Tech never came... Read more

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Delay delivery is expected on all products and services because no one can operate their business exactly like Amazon. However, when CS department reschedule your delivery week after week 3 times! I think this puts any business at the bottom of the pile. This didn't... Read more

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