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Avis would not honor "free driver" Costco benefit. 3.4 Avis in Princeton, NJ refused to honor Costco free extra driver benefit because 'the computer wouldn't allow it." We met all requirements (have done... Severe chemical burns from Nair 3.0 Contacted them and they returned my purchase price. However I am still trying to heal the burns on my legs. Yes they acknowledged my "skin... 7 Eleven - Taking straightfwd 7-11 check-out and making it an eternity. 3.0 Bad experience at checkout- 7Eleven. Store can't honor simple, regular 7-11 promotion coupons. A counter person checking ppl's purchase thru, also... LensCrafters - Customer for about 10 yrs and this will be the last time 1.6 I switched over to LC from a private eye doc. about 10 years ago (in Princeton, NJ) as the glasses and frames were less expensive. First two times... Ets - Reschedule Fee and Othe Fees they just care about $$$ 2.0 Worst experience. Apparently we are not allowed to make mistakes with them. They have no mercy at all. No wonder why schools are not requiring GRE... Who knew that for all that money you pay for MIELE products no-one will help you when they go bust ! My washing machine stopped working , so full of confidence and trust in a great brand ( HA! ) i called them 5 days ago explaining whats wrong and... Ets - Beware of financial theft. Web errors. 1.1 Due to website error, got signed up twice for the same test. (DO NOT RE-APPLY IF WEB ERROR OCCURS. WAIT A DAY AND CHECK CHARGES) Called next day and... Expedia travel plays bait-and-switch 1.7 I booked 12/23/2016 to 12/27/2016 hotel in Santa Cruz Galapagos, via Expedia last week when I have plenty of choices of hotels. The reservation was co...