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The Bradford Exchange - I’m reporting this company This is by far the most fraudulent company I have ever ordered from. I will never order from you again! Everyone I spoke to at the Bradford Exchange... Joy Systems - Joy system will ship you a broken electronics and will take months to fix it 1.0 joy system seem that they have one customer service agent that you will wait on waiting for hours and if you make the mistake and leave a voice mail... Directv - NFL Package 2015 Dispute Billing In June 2015 Directtv called me stating they were running a special NFL Package for $102.00 if paid in full with 5 payments $29.99. I paid my $102.00... Planters - Quality and taste gone! mixed nuts 70 % peants, cashews halves! This brand has gone downhill! I am 60 and growing up as a kid planters nuts were the premium and tasted so good! Now I know that all nuts are... Aldi Grocery - Mama Cozzi Supreme Pizza Review from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 4.7 I bough this pizza in Indianapolis, supreme. It was aweful. It was soggy and I kept biting into something hard. I immediately looked it up online and... PepsiCo - I WILL NOT BUY this again, because of High Fructose Corn Syrup!! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED. Sierra Mist was absolutely the ONLY soda I would buy in the past 4 years or more ... because it was NOT made with High... EA Sports - Wont let me sign in after upgrading to windows 10 I went into the site it told me I had to sign in I put in my password and it said it was wrong I have tried numerous... Directv - DIRECT TV, LIE, CHEAT AND RAISE PRICES WITHOUT NOTICE AFTER BEING IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 45 YEARS I HAVE NEVER FOUND A COMPANY THAT IS MORE DISHONEST THEN DIRECT TV. ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU WILL CHANGE WHEN...