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This is how my pillow looked after just six months......I washed it after 3 weeks and the case never came clean....The fillings started to unravel inside....I felt it getting smaller and smaller by the nights. This pillow is funky, disgusting and not what they... Read more

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Gamezens Nuke War is *** garbage. I spent money on this game to build up my account and they allow certain players to cheat. One player nuked me and at 1 sec left during the nuke war my screen froze and I was at 100% defense. He was able to manipulate the outcome... Read more

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  • Oct 28, 2016
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Can't activate rewards. Called multiple times. On hold. Leave a message but no call back. What's going on open table?

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i ordered to have a dam blow drier delivered to me same day delivery and guess what 3 days later i still haven't even received my package, i called customer service 2 times, the first man i spoke to "they put it on the wrong truck" but the wrong truck marked my item as... Read more

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Purchased a bag a while back. Loved it in the pics, came 3-5 months later. The moment I zipped the back closed, it broke. The material was terrible. So stiff you couldn't even move it. Haven't been able to get a hold of any customer service whatsoever. Don't ever waste... Read more

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This place is the worst. The staff is constantly interrupting you while your working out. Asking questions like "would like to a person training" and once you respond with No. They become aggressive towards you. They will follow you around and have conversations... Read more

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One year ago I heard about this site. Thought it was an awesome idea. Tried to rent an awesome BMW M4. Well, I waited 3 hours at the airport for a car and a driver that never came. Now yesterday and today, I decide to give Turo another chance. Bad idea. I try to book... Read more

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Hi, my name is dr nick fennelli. I was contacted by phone by richard jurgens the national sales director of electronic payment systems. I have signed electronically all paperwork. I have received my terminal as promised and they have done a 28 cent test deposit to my... Read more

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I have been a member of Disney Movie Rewards for many years. Back in October I received an email saying my points were going to expire, I kept trying to login to their site but I guess other people received the same email so the site had heavy traffic. The next day I... Read more

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I had 3 separate transactions with them. And interestingly enough they no longer let you post feedback for THEM or for marketplace sellers through THEM! I have done everything in my power (email them, chat with them, call them etc.) and nobody knows anything. No... Read more

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