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My daughter has been a student at Arya since last year. From time to time I would hear complaints from her about her teacher being "mean" to the kids. I would brush it off as if she was just tough. More recently my daughter came home to tell me that the teacher said to... Read more

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These people only care about personal profit and not about the students. Prashant is the biggest hypocrite alive. He always preaches about the students' commitment and how they should not miss anything and how they must ask him for permission to do other things, but he... Read more

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Check this out: Sundance Vacations is practically a group of *** artists! I was led to believe that I would be saving on so much money on rooms for vacations I wished to go on. However what it just ends up doing is put me in... Read more

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STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!! I rented a car for about 5 days from Budget in October of 2015, picking it up from Maine and dropping it off in Vermont. Everything went fine with the rental, the car seemed pretty beat up when we got it but took pictures of it and went on our... Read more

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I bought a 64 GB PNY zip drive from best buy products. it lasted about a month. now when I plug it in it says defective. I have contacted PNY on several occasions with absolutely no response from them. they could care less they have a terrible support service I would... Read more

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Very unprofessional and unresponsive to customer contact - numerous voicemails remain unanswered. Local service providers are at the mercy of the organization which has terrible customer service. They did not refund overbilling and blame technical incompetence and... Read more

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We did not have any problem through the mortgage process, except having to resend stuff numerous times, which was annoying. Our problem began when we received one of our tax bills and attempted to send it to Cornerstone. We were told to send it through the mail to a... Read more

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I negotiated a settlement on a medical debt with one of their so called attorneys. Phoned attorney by the name of Gaecia Yaw 3 times to make payment did not receive a call back. Was told specifically had to make payment through this attorney. Judgement was entered and... Read more

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To put simple, Years ago I was injured on the job. Applied for disability I Correctly/promptly submitted all claim paperwork My provider submitted all paperwork Did not receive payment until I went back to work customer service rude. Don't know why my organization at... Read more

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We were so excited to introduce our daughter to this culture so we signed her up for Bollywood classes. The price for the class is very experience comparatively but we were willing to give it a try. The instructor was lovely bu sadly that came to a halt when we were... Read more

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