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Audible STOLE my credit card number and charged monthly for a year 1.0 claimed I could try a FREE audiobook if I signed up by providing my email address ONLY, no membership or commitment or payment... PSEG Forcing a Smart Meter on Me 1.0 In their most recent letter, PSEG has tried to force a Smart Meter on me by lying about it. Smart meters are fire hazards and I do not want one,... Audible has been stealing from me for 8 months 1.0 has been charging me monthly for the last 8 months (14 eur a month) without me knowing or giving permission or even signing up to be a... Doordash - DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY I was a dasher and delivered 10 orders and actually paid for two orders out of pocket I have yet to get paid its been over 6 weeks I have trying to... Doordash - Horrible service 1.3 Placed an order in Bayonne, NJ local pizza restaurant. Received confirmation of order received from restaurant. Over 1 hour waiting and nothing.... Lycamobile network issues 1.4 With Lycamobile network, when I try to call other numbers, the receiver cannot hear my voice. The same issue is being faced by few friends who are... Rosetta Stone - Ludicrous Rip-Off I spent close to USD700 on V3 Spanish (Latin America) CD-ROMS with the voice recognition head set etc a few years ago. I have recently got it out of... Advantage Rent A Car - Worst carcompany to rent 1.7 The worst rental car company in the world 3 people in line it took an hour then the agent followed the customers to their car without notification to...