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HELP! We have had our Samsung DLP TV for 2yrs 11months when all of a sudden white dots started to appear on the screen. Does anyone know of a recall or a lawsuit that is going on so we can join. We Called Samsung and they just basically blew us off and told us our... Read more

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I had one (expensive) procedure done by Bosley in Boca Raton, FL. I was assured that this would be all I needed to correct my minor hair loss. It didn't help at all. When I went back to complaint, they persuaded me that "just one more" (expensive) procedure would be... Read more

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My husband died in a fatal car accident last summer. We have two children together, a toddler and an infant. We had a friend that just started working with Prime America a couple weeks before my husband's passing. He kept on nagging us sitting down with him to help him... Read more

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When I first moved into The Reserve at Walnut Creek in Austin everything was really good, Greystar came in and revamped the place and things got even better. I ended up having to leave my lease and move because my ex-husband, and co-signer on said lease at the time,... Read more

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Lennar - Last home in the neighborhood - no corner left uncut
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This is our home on what was supposed to be closing day. All of these work issues (plus more significant ones not photographed) were brought up months in advance and sat until two days before we were supposed to close, then miraculously they were able to get most of... Read more

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Most major corporations offer an option for disability insurance to their emplyees. Verizon Wireless is one of those, however, if an employee becomes disabled they are at the mercy of the insurance carrier to fulfill their obligation! Verizon Wireless uses MetLife as... Read more

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If I could give this business a negative 1 I would. This agent is charging models credit cards without even asking them. I have heard from at least 4 moms that were charged hundreds of dollars without permission. Her language barrier is horrible and she does not know... Read more

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Food Network The Kitchen Tv Show Review from Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Katie Lee Complaint: I know I am not the only one but can you please get her off all TV shows on Food Network. She is the worst person to be on a show and or host. Not many people can stand her voice. Plus she is just dumb with some of the things she says. Read more

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I had a facial at a day spa and the technician and business owner raved on and on about Nerium and its amazing results. So I decided to try it and paid for it w/my credit card and was given the day cream and night cream and was told the eye cream was on order. I was... Read more

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I had gutter helmet installed in Aug., 2016. Was a happy, satisfied customer. I decided to go with Gutter Helmet for new roof, so as not to "mess up" the Gutter Helmet system. Needless to say, they guys they sent out to do the roof damaged all but one run of the gutter... Read more

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