HELP! We have had our Samsung DLP TV for 2yrs 11months when all of a sudden white dots started to appear on the screen. Does anyone know of a recall or a lawsuit that is going on so we can join. We Called Samsung and they just basically blew us off and told us our warranty was up and there is nothing they could do. I even spoke to the manager at Samsung. We still have a copy of the reciept and a transaction record. I have a photo and a... Read more

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My husband died in a fatal car accident last summer. We have two children together, a toddler and an infant. We had a friend that just started working with Prime America a couple weeks before my husband's passing. He kept on nagging us sitting down with him to help him with his training. He tried to make us buy insurance but we didn't want to. But, then he explained how it would help him get a promotion so we ended up getting a $500k policy on... Read more

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Most major corporations offer an option for disability insurance to their emplyees. Verizon Wireless is one of those, however, if an employee becomes disabled they are at the mercy of the insurance carrier to fulfill their obligation! Verizon Wireless uses MetLife as their disability insurance carrier. While working for them, I became disabled with a severe case of tinnitus (none stop LOUD ringing in my ears and head 24 hour a day). While... Read more

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Speedlings is an absolute SCAM! You can read all about it here..! EVIL ADAM and his DESPICABLE MINION WILL TRY TO CONFUSE, BELITTLE, and BERATE you if you try to speak up against them. I have no reason to lie as EVIL ADAM GINSBERG keeps stating, however, he as MILLIONS of reasons to SCAM you! Good luck friends! Let's unite and take fight EVIL! You can read more of... Read more

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A saleswoman at WVU Fan Zone at the Meadowbrook Mall in West Virginia (who turns out to be the wife of the owner) accused me of shoplifting twice...once when she carried some items to the check out for me (my husband heard her telling the cashier) and a second time when I was signing the receipt (she didn't notice I was standing right beside her)! I don't know how you steal a handful of coffee mugs, but I must have looked like a shoplifter. When... Read more

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This company is a scam and a rip-off. They will tell you that they will guarantee placement after the completion of your training. They even will tell you that they have clients ready to hire you. They will talk about their success rates. This is all lies. The company supposed to offer training, job preparation, and placement. I don't even think that the people are knowledgeable of what you suppose to learn. Once you called them for the first... Read more

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When you get a receipt from shopping in person at Target they say on the bottom you can win money by completing their online survey about your shopping experience. First of all, I've NEVER once heard of anyone winning this money! Have you?? There needs to be an investigation into this and a verified winners list disclosed! Secondly, my issue is that I went to the online site, entered all my information within 24 hours of shopping at the... Read more

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I had one (expensive) procedure done by Bosley in Boca Raton, FL. I was assured that this would be all I needed to correct my minor hair loss. It didn't help at all. When I went back to complaint, they persuaded me that "just one more" (expensive) procedure would be needed to make a very noticeable, positive difference. Again, little to no improvement that I could see. In the end, a lot of money spent along with a considerable amount of... Read more

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Kodak should be ashamed for their advertisements and crappy inkjet printers. The ink cartridges are dirt cheap but you're lucky if you can get 20 printed pages from a single cartridge. I had replaced an old HP inkjet with a Kodak ESP 7. What a mistake. The HP cartridges are expensive but I could print hundreds of sheets of paper from a single cartridge. I'm in the process of replacing this piece of *** with an HP color LaserJet. Save... Read more

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I made out a simple will for $172 in February 2012. I'd been consumed with caring for my mother for years, and now she's dying in a nursing home. In May 2012 I noticed a $14.99 charge on my credit card, and emailed them over their "mistake." They informed me that I'd signed up for their Legal Advantage Plus plan for $14.99, when I signed up for their "comprehensive plan." Well, they slipped that right by me. They said they cancelled... Read more

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