I have fibromyalgia. I began going down hill a few years ago to the point that I had to use a wheelchair at times. In fact, I went to a Minneapolis hospital to try and find a diagnosis, and had to use a wheelchair to get around the hospital! I was in such intense pain... Read more

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I could of been a victim of Oodle, 8list and Uship if it weren't for this website. I thank all of you who have posted experiences with Oodle, 8List and Uship. I was able to stop the process before losing any money. I contacted Oodle and 8List to report the scam. I... Read more

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I am not sure who the demographics you are targeting with this commercial. I am 50+ female shopper and I have no idea what this commercial is trying to say. I don't understand what all the screaming is trying to communicate to your potential customers. I have... Read more

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I am a current Swift Driver and I have been reading some of the complaints on this site. I am also retired from another career in law enforcement and I really do not have to worry much about the job security (lucky me). I drive to see the country but I also believe in... Read more

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Peoplesmart's reply to:

Thank you for your correspondence to PissedConsumer.com dated September 18, 2010. Your concerns were forwarded to PeopleSmart.com for review and response. I apologize for any inconvenience caused with respect to this matter. We value you as our customer and wanted to... Read more

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I am an high production Realtor working in Chapel Hill/ Durham NC. Yesterday I closed a transaction where my buyer choose to use Sebonic Financial a company I never heard of previously and one I hope to never hear about again. Based on over 25 yars of experience and... Read more

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I am happy with the product. I am extremely unhappy with the price and I don't think they really tell you what you are getting into when you sign up. Decent human hair wigs are any price you want to pay but they have certain limitations, like wearing them while... Read more

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We are unable to identify this respondent as an InventHelp client. However, the explanation of the services received and the respondent’s comments regarding our representatives are inaccurate. The respondent’s concerns stem from his discovery of a product similar to... Read more

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Dear Tracfone Corp> Why doesn't Tracfone customer service provide correct service? I had purchased a Tracfone (Samsung T301G) with prepaid minutes for my father. He uses for urgent and long distance calls once in a while. Last Friday he wasn't able to make a call and... Read more

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OK, fell for the smooth talking door to door salesman. They called and emailed several times to confirm a Friday 5pm appointment guy shows up at 515 and at 630 we starting to get a little annoyed since he has spent a hour going over the company. My wife said listen. We... Read more

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