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Doctor Oz - Sleep Plus Review from Jackson, New Jersey Watch your show today rush to enter into your giveaway on the sleep plus machine took me awhile to find the entry form not being computer smart I... Six Flags - Park security confiscates safe item I carefully reviewed their prohibit items list before trekking over a quarter mile (with a small child) to wait in a lengthy security line in the hot... Huffman Koos - Horrible Management in the Freehold NJ branch 1.0 I visited the Hoffman Koos store today to look for furniture for my entire home. A very nice sales associate named, Bibi, greeted me with a warm... Lasership - Incompetent! Had one driver leave our box on the SIDE of our house in the 93 degrees blazing sun. 2 days later, AFTER phoning in a complaint about the first... Wesley Berry Flowers - Bright Flower Mix with vase I received a bouquet referenced above. When delivery box was opened I was extremely hurt and disappointed. There were a total of 7 flowers and a... Sono Bello Liposuction Procedure Review from Jackson, New Jersey I was given an appointment for lipo on my inner thighs before meeting with the doctor, i met with him the day before the procedure, he marked only... Six Flags - Horrible Customer Service; The great adventure is the wait 2.8 I waited over an hour to get past the metal detectors. When I got in there was a tremendous wait time for everything making the refill cups not worth... Will never use come again! 1.0 I would be happy paying more than actually deal with all the frustration and aggravation this company has put me through. All I wanted was to book a...