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DiMeo fruit farms is a fraud,,,,he saids he is organic,,and the fact is he has no orgainic seal from the state of new jersey,,,,in matter of fact he is nasty to the public and dont belong in business any more people are sick of him and poor plants. He even lie to a six... Read more

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PICK BEACH CLUB MANUFACTURE THERE. SOLID CONSTRUCTION FOR BIG GIRLS. Fully lined or padded. Sizes can run a little big in the *** I felt. 1 piece swim dress too short torso for 5'10" Made a nice 2-piece out of it easily. -- Didn't receive my order. Prompt... Read more

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I opened a cabinet in my laundry room to discover that a Clorox bleach jug had imploded. A leak in the bottom of the plastic jug caused the base of my cabinet to be eaten away and destroyed. It was hard to see where the leak was coming from. The jug was all... Read more

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I ordered a dress with custom measurements on August 23 and received it today. It is a mother of the bride strapless chiffon dress (Item 007016772 shown in white; ordered in dark green). The quality of the dress is fine. I also ordered a bolero jacket with it... Read more

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Bought electric recliner and matching loveseat three years ago, at Kensington Furniture, the faux leather is now peeling on all pieces. I feel furniture should last longer than three years especially when there is only me and my wife using it. One piece is even covered... Read more

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Last month I bought a wedding dress for my big day .At first I have a bit worried about buying online ,but the picture of the website is my aesthetic view,so I decided to buy it! I received my order as expected. The wedding dress is beautiful.the fabric is looking like... Read more

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i will never rent another u haul truck again. i had a rental truck for a couple days at the end of may. after my contract was final the total cost was $406. U haul took over 700 dollars out of my account without my permission. i dont drive so my only mode of... Read more

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I've had over 6 maigic jacks over the last couple of years and they always wind up not working a few months into use. The power plugs burn our all the time and the MJ does NOT work with a router, only connected to my PC. The Customer service, is what they call is a... Read more

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If you are buying anything from this place be very aware of all fees. I made the mistake of not paying attention until after leaving and realizing that I was being over charged. This is a one man show and will do anything to get a few extra bucks out of you. When being... Read more

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So I went to petsmart in mayslanding to get my dogs nail clipped. I have gone there for at least 6yrs with my dog. We walked around before going in the store like we always do. When we got into the grooming part my dog started to have seizure. She is almost 7 yrs old... Read more

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