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Acceptance Now - Predatory Lender 1.3 Their interest rates are insane, and they make it sound like "if you pay it off in 3 months, they don't make any money off you." It's a lie. Avoid at... 100% full Peters Of Nashua - 3 failed repair attempts and wants $1000 for a 4th try. 2.5 3 failed attempts to repair the same problem in 3 days and, now as they ask for a 4th attempt, they originally asked $1000 for it, and made me the... Namco Pools - Installation people/ corporate 2.4 They had good service to spend 4k on a pool with insurance. Installation was a joke. They put in filter wrong and I had to fix myself they would not... Peters Of Nashua - Ask American Honda how dreadful these people are 1.0 The sheer arrogance, the chutzpah of these people, such that even after American Honda (the parent company of the manufacturer) intervened and called... Acceptance Now - BEWARE 1.0 BUNCH OF LIARS!!!. I signed my contract with Robinson at the Bobs Furniture in Nashua NH. I wanted to do the early purchase option for around... Lazboy - Lazy boy power recliner broken 2.0 Bought a leather lazboy fortune power recliner XR+ on 3/4/17 paid $1762.49 delivered on 4/7/17, while the Power chair was being taking off the truck... Acceptance Now - High fees 2.2 I thought I was done paying off my account-never missed a payment- and when I called to get pay off amount-they told me I had another 9 months of... ATT - Terrible time changing over to AT&T When I first asked how long it would take to change over my phone to AT&T from another carrier I was told 10 minutes, so I agreed to do it. 4 days...