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My Pillow is not worth it's high price. I understand it's make up but it looks horrible and lumpy on my lovely bed. The commercial boasts about how it conforms to you but mine sinks in the middle and I have ti beat it into shaoe a couple of times a night. I still get... Read more

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I called about the can being a scam and the woman I gave the money to called me an *** two years later I still did not get anything. I even tried the owner and could not get through. this is a realm scam and should have been dealt with by now. I went with my son who... Read more

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This place is downright awful!!! I purchased a Ford her brand new less than 3 years ago and have had nothing but problems with the car. Of course, everything is covered under warranty so I have to bring it back to the dealership and deal with them every time that... Read more

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I paid my dues to be a lifetime member and I received the magazine and all sorts of their stuff that they wanted me to buy from them. Never anything free and for the price I paid for membership, all I received was their *** magazine. They kept sending books and even... Read more

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I I bought a Lenovo idea pad at Best Buy. Brought it home and started it up. A window popped up with a warning about a Trojan virus? It prompted me to call a number immediately. So I did not knowing it was a scam. I spent 2 hours on the phone talking to what I thought... Read more

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Do not let the sales people at bluegreen sell you this junk. It's a money pit ! They lie about everything and take all of your money. This whole thing has been a nightmare! No way out except to spend alot more money we do not have. At the presentation they show you... Read more

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Moen faucets came standard with my new home (Monticello design). We have hard water in my area, most areas do really, but anyway, the sink hot water faucet has been nothing but one big headache as has the shower handle. Moen uses cartridge filters in all of it's... Read more

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I brought in my grandmother's wedding ring (it's over 90 years old, she passed away, so this is all I have left from her) on July 18 to the store in the Rockingham Mall in Salem, NH. The ring needed a stone replaced and prongs redone. The ring was due back on August... Read more

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We purchased an expensive chair less than 5 years ago from ETHAN ALLEN. They encouraged us to purchase the GUARDSMAN WARRANTY that would enable us to get any stains removed during the first 5 years. Recently, I contacted GUARDSMAN - a lengthy process of almost 30... Read more

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Direct tv continues to have issues, goes out with no reason. Loses satellite. Does not record or download all the time. and when calling to resolve the automatic answering hangs up. Cant get a real person. I hope you take this advice. Nice work AT+T you made a pretty... Read more

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