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I had written an email to the colorist explaining that on my second order I thought I should color my entire head to refresh my ends and not just the roots like they instructed me the first time. The colorist informed me that I had received 2 bottles of hair color the first time (which I had not) and if I wanted to refresh the color on my ends it would be an extra $10.00 charge on top of the $20.00 charge I was already paying for the color. When... Read more

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Complaint Rating: I have been with Direct TV for the past 6 years and up until this morning, I was pleased with the service. My parents signed up with Direct TV three months ago, and did so via online. There was no field to put in a referral, so after signing up, they called it in. The rep said they would apply the credit to both of our accounts. Fast forward 3 months & we both haven't seen the credit. So I called. The Rep told me that it... Read more

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I want to report an issue with that has arose since I began using the website. They are sending out automated emails with customer information that they claim is a site error. I have complained to the Better Business Bureau and to directly and they have not resolved the issue. Here is the problem. They are sending out emails with the subject "You Left Something in Your Shopping Cart at" but I don't have... Read more

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Rubber gasket fell off my Movado 800 series watch I purchased 1 year 8 months ago. I went to the kittery ME movado store and asked if they has could put a new rubber gasket on my watch and they said oh. That's a problem with that series watch so movado is replacing them at no charge but you need to send it out to our repair center in NJ. So they send my watch out and about 2 weeks later I get an estimate of repair emailed to me They said... Read more

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The product burned my face. I was set up on an automatic monthly delivery, which i was NOT advised by my rep at the time of purchase! When i received the second shipment i returned the UNOPENED shipped box with a return number on the outside of the box as instructed by my rep. Traced the package, Nerium has received my package i have yet to receive my money back. Have reached out to my rep who has not returned my calls, text or emails. Very... Read more

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had them come and clean about 250 sq. ft of tile and grout. Fieldstone with natural concrete grout. When they finished I was shocked to see that while 20% was better, most of the grout was still dirty. The worst part is that a small area that was in pristine condition with a nice original light gray grout is now dirty and dark. They should be embarrassed to call themselves professional. Now I guess it'S time to get on my hands and knees with... Read more

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I was told today I was approved for a loan of 5000 dollars.went up there to sign. My license was expired I said no it is not. I was told that wasn't true. I said ok what do I said. I got told not my problem. I said where is the dmv. I will got take care of it. Over there some where I get told. I am getting angry at this point. Then ken comes out said we don't think we can work with you. I said why he goes your being loud. I said you know I'm... Read more

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I am a licensed hairstylist in NH, about a year ago I had a client who was a level 2 naturally, she wanted a rich light brown, I wanted to lighten her with the least damage possible so I went to my local Como Prof and the manager recommended Chi Infra high lift CBR with 30vol,rinsed with Joico, beautiful results, absolutely amazing, I did a risk silky smooth keratin right after she loved it! 7 mths later she came back to do her regrowth, I gave... Read more

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Ordered a bedroom set for my grandson and it was ***. Light didn't work, back headboard sliding piece broken, drawers under broken, nightstand broken. Took the nightstand back and set up a service call for the bed. Second nightstand came in and broke the next day. Called for a refund and only could get store credit and not a refund. Anything delivered NO refunds. BEWARE they don't care. Now I am stuck with a store credit and HAVE to buy... Read more

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Aspen is horrible. Had an appointment for severe tooth pain/abscessed tooth. They took xrays. Fallen on a tooth and said they'd give me a referral to an endodontist in 5 days. (Holiday weekend). I was in severe pain and asked incredulously, "you're not going to do anything for the pain? I can't go on like this". The dentist said she'd give me a pain killer which I was already taking and it didn't work. She tried to put me on an antibiotic I am... Read more

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