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Microsoft - Computer, problems with Windows 10 EVERYBODY I know is hating Windows 10. I have a lady friend whose husband is the IT guy for his company, and even HE can't figure it out. I also canno... National Health Enrollment Center - Repeated annoying calls 1.0 I have received repeated calls from an organization calling itself "The National Health Enrollment Center". I have requested to be removed from their... Walmart - Tire Installation Review from Fallon, Nevada 1.7 My husband ordered me a new set of tires online. Since my last experience with them almost had me in tears, he took my car in to have them... Nbc Sports - F1 Race not shown on NBC 1.1 If you are going to show sports on your channel, then commit to showing it. Your coverage of the tragedy in Orlando was overkill in that most of it wa... Nbc Sports - French Open 1.8 You are seriously deluding yourselves if you think that using your money to cover the French Open on weekends with big mouth McEnroe is buying you... Fidelity National Home Warranty - Fidelity lies 1.0 These people take your money and don't help. Thieves, cheats and liars. We filed a claim Friday and they said pay the service call, $60.00, and... Modlily - Delivery Service Review from Fallon, Nevada 1.0 Ordered a swimsuit. Paid extra for next day delivery. Orders April 11th and still have not received my order. Called several times left a message on... Gentry Finance Corporation - This has gotten to be ridiculus and i think NV has laws I have a very small loan with this company and I have some issues that have risen that I am unable to make a payment, they call my work like 3 times...