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I purchased a product from Ebay for a Xmas present to a relative. Item turned out to be defective. After much run around about my not being able to print out a return label, my relative returned said item via USPS at her expense. Then after not hearing from anyone I... Read more

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I had met with a very nice Rep at the nearest restaurant. She explained everything very well. After the interview I went home and did my research which lead me here... I called her right away and told her I would Decline the job and explained to her why. She appeared... Read more

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I bought a Samsung GaLAXY5 in July. Battery doesn't last 10 hours. Kept going into the Verizon stores and calling Verizon. They told me to uninstall any app I wasn't using, so then I no longer had internet on my "smart" phone!! The wait at the stores is always 1/2 to... Read more

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  • Jan 29, 2016
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Walgreens is worst customer service i have ever seen to me and my husband. I will never go there again. Rude and very hostile. No respect for customers.

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I would have saved over a thousand dollars if I would have booked the flight through southwest airlines. Travelocity did not mention or have this information. westgate hotel and spa in Orlando charged me an additional $11 dollars per night when I got to the hotel after... Read more

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  • Jun 25, 2015
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I was 18 culdnt get approved niave .... well i ended up paying 11,000 for a 2000 pontiac sunfire gt w 138,000 miles.... haha financial rape. Now tht i paid it off they were quick to take the money and now i have to wait a month for a lien tht the state dont accept...

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Bought slipknot tickets at the end of october through great fun website and was asked to sign up for several different things i kindly denied. As of 12-01-2014 was charged $16.99 for great fun and $16.99 for shoppers and now charged again today 12-29-2014 for $16.99... Read more

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put on new roof and vents - it leaked and now have spots on the living room ceiling. Roofer came back to caulk around the vents. I am 65 years old, hired professionals to replace the roof, now who is going to get on the roof and recaulk every year. They also said they... Read more

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Our vehicle was parked across the street from a house they were working on. Four witnesses saw their driver back into our car and drive away. We called the company the next business day and they told us to get estimates. We got the estimates and after seeing them they... Read more

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There's sales rep in Nebraska furniture mart named Mitch. He is not very pleasant to talked with. He should'nt be working with people because for sure he is dont have any knowledge of public relation. It does'nt matter how long he had been working with his... Read more

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