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We are a nationwide mover. We have used Labor Ready a lot over many years - all over the country. Half of the time, we get branches refusing to do work for us. When they do agree to do it, most workers never show on time, if at all. Ever since switching to People Ready... Read more

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So I had my green dot prepaid Wal-Mart Debit Card for about a year and a half and thought everything was good. Turns out it wasn't. Come to find out that my rent had not been paid in full for two months! They then put a block on my card claiming that my landlord was... Read more

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Waiting three days for a package, tried calling cust. service five times one day without an answer. When I did get through the next day they said we do not have a record of the package. Tried the web site and what a joke that was one might as well go type on a wall.... Read more

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I have been taking the "greens" for about the last 2 months, starting with the sample allotment and moving onto the monthly allotment. I have been taking the greens with water in the morning and have found an increase in energy and it has helped my digestion... Read more

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  • Jun 17, 2016
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Im begging. Please bring back the real Sierra Mist. I have stomach problems and this is the only thing i can drink. Have a heart. :/

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This is so wrong of the company to guarantee that someone wouldn't be charged and yet i am charged or its pending. can you please withdraw the request for fee.i know you all have to make money but this is a wrong way to charge people that can only pay the monthly fee.... Read more

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Obamacare is so F*#@ing wonderful! it penalizes poor people for being poor. We where going to get a nice little refunded but somehow obamacare stepped in and is going to make us pay back $1,906 so thank you Obamacare I don't need that money. I'm sure you need that... Read more

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Yes i have been waiting for these so called gift certificates for a month now my order should of been replaced that day my pizza was cold and old my pm bites where still frozen in the middle i called they told me i got to wait for these gift certificates im sick of...

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I stopped at the Steak n Shake in Sullivan,Mo. The waiter gave me my drink and then disappeared. After several minutes a young lady asked if I had been served and the waiter appeared out of nowhere. He took my order for 1 burger. 20 minutes later he said he would... Read more

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I visited the steak and shake in sullivan, MO around 8:30 pm on wednesday may 7th and recieved outstanding service. Despite being semi-busy, the manager, handled the chaos very appropriately. She was up on the line helping the staff get food out and I noticed she was... Read more

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