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Minute Clinic - An absolute joke 1.2 They did a bait and switch- refused to confirm their prices over the phone and would only direct me to their online price list, when I arrived I... Best Buy - Harsh return policy 3.5 I've shopped at Best Buy for a lot of years however, there return ploicy is brutally harsh. If you return three items over any period of time, they... IPhone Insurance through Geek Squad? Expect a Minimum $200 Repair Bill ! It's "Their Policy!" 1.0 My iPhone was acting up. It is 23 months old and was purchased new at Best Buy on a Sprint plan. I purchased the full insurance on the phone through... Drivetime - Horrible We've had nothing but trouble since day one. It took the dealership nearly two months to give us our initial temp tags. That should have been a red... A new LOW in Customer Service for Verizon Wireless 2.0 Verizon Customer Service is by far the worst of any utility company I've ever dealt with. After 3 calls to Customer Service in 2 days (over 2hrs on... Jimmy Johns - Customer Care Review from Saint Peters, Missouri Stop at Jimmy John's store Highway K O'Fallon Missouri One customer in the store when I walked in 4 teenagers working. Ordered number one then ask... Rise Credit Loan Review from Saint Peters, Missouri 1.0 Lies they tell you lies North American Hunting Club - Non receiver-ship of magazines 3.2 I have been a life member since 1995 or 96. I always save my magazines. Well i was going through them the other day and it looks like the last one i g...