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Breyers - Horrible product and Customer service 1.3 I purchased Breyers creamsicle ice cream. I buy this product weekly. This container was 95% vanilla. I went and bought another instead of calling to... Breyers - TASTES BAD MADE ME SICK 1.0 this is not the breyers I remember from being a kid...this didn't even taste like Ice cream I have been sick ever since eating stomach... Smilebox - Another SCAMMING, FRAUDULENT COMPANY 2.6 SHAMEFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES. The mother's of the company principal players must be very proud of them as they take HARD EARNED MONEY from honest,... Square - Pending transactions 1.0 We have used ISquare for over a year and had no trouble until this year. Beginning in January I Square started holding our deposits. In April when I... Southern Tots - October 15 2015 Ordered matching outfits for my granddaughters for Christmas. Received one after Christmas. I kept politely following up.....February 12 got an email... Client Care Experts - Almost cheated I was trying to get help from Microsoft to install a program I had bought. I clicked on a pop-up that I thought was Microsoft. She never talked... Supercell - I'M READY TO QUIT THIS GAME! NEW UPDATES SUCK! I have been playing this game for a little over a year. I am ready to drop the game after the December updates. Every update made is geared to make... Flagship Credit Acceptance Auto Financing Review from Sikeston, Missouri 1.0 Yes..My husband talked to a representative from Flagship and asked them how he could change the due date from the first of the month when ALL of our...