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Lowes - Horrible customer service 1.0 Just wanted to share my experience with the Lowe's in republic MO... I had bought a new washer, dryer and dishwasher.. My total close to 2000.. Well... Hyla misrepresented their financing packages. 1.5 My complaint is simple. Sales rep said the interest rate was 2% interest and came with a vacation package. (shame on me, too good to be true.) Got... General Electric - Ge Appliances Refrigerator Review from Republic, Missouri The GE French door Slate refrigerator is worse than bad. We bought one at Lowes in Nov 2013. The paint immediately started coming off. The customer... Aliexpress - Waiting appeal I'm having the same issue. I've been purchasing for 2.5 years and suddenly my orders are being cancelled and they are charging me a tax fee for every... Sears - Another Pissed Customer 1.0 Ordered new drapes in1st week of February... The valances were supposed to be waterfall and they sent all of them but one and it was a swag... I took... Weathertech - DO NOT BUY 1.0 Ordered weather tech floor mats for my 2013 Ford F-150. The mats are the biggest piece of ***. Laser measured is a lie. I also rain drains for the... Sonic - Owner Review from Republic, Missouri I plan to call the district manager. The republic sonic is by far the worst sonic I have ever encountered. We ordered ice cream .. Which took 20mins... Petedge - Pet Edge Return Policy is horrible I ordered almost $800 worth of products and needed to return a $50 nail grinder (still in shrink wrap and box) and they wouldn't even work with me...