Ditech worest mortgage co EVER!THEY NEED SUED AND SHUT DOWN!
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The lack of communication, knowledge, customer service and supervisors is the worst. I have been promised in last year a supervisor will call back, or they will mail me an itemized statement and review account and get my account credited correctly.. I have money that... Read more

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We just purchased a home with a mortgage through AmeriSave and they sold our mortgage to Ditech. Our first payment was due on June 1, 2016 - and we set up automatic payments through our bank. One week after the check was sent, we received notice from our bank that... Read more

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I was at Walmart and my check was denied. I have never written a bad check and had available funds in my account. The manager took the toy out of my daughters hand while I was trying to take care of the problem. When I called telecheck they stated I did not have a... Read more

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I have gotten all the letters - even multiple letters in JACKPOT - BUT NO "O"!!! Week after week, I get all the other letters, BUT NO "O"!!! Has anyone out there ever gotten an "O"??? Please contact me!!! I have been playing PCH BINGO for months, and have NEVER... Read more

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Eff me. I only used this exp project place to post stories about us bikers doing a Colorado run. Nothing dodgy like few photos n stuff of bikes and biker meetings. Din t put on any web site links, no filth- was all good stuff for anyone who likes road trips an things... Read more

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had warranty car my engine light came on took to dealer to have fixed body to look at my car the person they sent out said that it was nothing wrong with my car to this day I can't start my car repair shop can attest that the car did have an engine light going off but... Read more

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i attended a workshop in 2/14, I liked the idea of financial savings so I became a member and started submitting my paper work. My credit score qualified me for conventional loans but I wanted the interest buydown and closing savings. I've submitted so many documents,... Read more

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I bought tickets on Tickets- Center.com for an event to take my 5 year old granddaughter for her Birthday to see The Little Mermaid at Starlight Theater in KCMO. I found a GREAT section since I know the Theater and bought 2 for $355.00 I was happy with this buy due to... Read more

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I clicked on yes one (1) time to order the product for 14.99 they tried to get me to double it I clicked no to that offer and 5 other offers. When they totaled it at the end I found out the no button was rigged to yes they charged me $58 dollars plus regardless. I... Read more

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This is like going from an automatic transmission back to the old stick shift with a clutch. No idea who is online at any given time, no audible announcement when you get a message, no text options, and the emoticons have basically been eliminated. Is there going to be... Read more

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