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Centurylink - Outage going on two months 1.7 I have dozens of calls placed to Centurylinks "technical support" line. The connection is either down completely (majority of the time) or unusable... Midwayusa - Mighty Fine Equipment, well done, usually in record time. 4.6 I have been ordering from Midway USA for probably 40 years. Usually my orders are filled with quality materials/parts as per my order. On the rare... Dennys Restaurant - Horrible 1.0 We went to Dennys in Columbia No this morning. We go 3 to 4 times a month. It is fathers day and we had our 8 year old granddaughter with us. She... Spencers - Rude manager 2.8 Spencer's inside Columbia, Missouri's mall: I walked in the store and right off the bat went to look at the gloves but as I picked them up a tag fell... Hercules Tires - Vibration Issues Terra Trac AT Three days ago I purchased a new set of XD wheels and some 285/55R20 Terra Tracs for my brand new 2016 Sierra 2500 HD with 5k Miles. I chose these... Panera Bread - Service seems to be getting worse all of the time THIS EVENING I VISITED THE PANERA BREAD SOUTH LOCATION, WHICH I USED TO DO ON A WEEKLY BASIS, BUT OVER THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS IT SEEMS THAT THE... Mediacom...1 Star 2.2 Mediacom... Pros: Fast speeds Easy to cancel service Cons: Service outages (always out) Package data overages Slow technical support I had Mediacom... Directv - Direct TV Sucks Started this morning with one of their ridiculous 30 min. updates. We were then confronted with the loss of CNN and Fox news. Somewhere in this mess...