This school is "nationally" accredited. I spent 3 years of my life receiving Penn Foster packages in the mail and dutifully completing them under the assumption that once I received their diploma I would be able to attend the college of my choice. I "graduated" with good scores and managed to get an above-average ACT score (no thanks to Penn, by the way, I had to allot much more time than should have been necessary to study... Read more

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Hole In One International - US Hole in One Internet Scam
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US Hole in One is an Internet scam claiming outrageous services and products YET works out of an Abandoned building. Since google Maps has serviced US HOLE in ONE can No longer hide behind some fake office, that they claim is in the Philadelphia financial district. See all the pictures from google maps. BUT Beyond that they will *** scam anyone out of a dollar and slag everyone else that they cannnot provide services equal to or IF they dont... Read more

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I enrolled with Netspend on the referral from a friend. I closed my bank account fully trusting that everything would be okay. I filled out the direct deposit form and took it to Social Security because I received SSDI due to a couple of strokes. My wife is filling this out for me. My friend had told me that Netspend always has the money on y0ur debit about 3 days ahead of when the bank pays you. I received my Netspend permanent card in... Read more

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FULL Scoop on The Joker Broker Who Stole My MoneyLink To This Article here: This amazing scam is found hereSite facebook: Will Promise this following statement: Hi Eric, DO YOU NEED MONEY TO FUND YOUR BUSINESS OR PROJECT? ARE YOU... Read more

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I read lots of reviews and most were negative regarding customer service. Thought I'd get ahead of the game, order the smallest amount I could and call when I was placing my so they wouldn't send me the 90 day supply there after. No such luck. He wouldn't cancel the automatic shipment of the 90 day supply, which would have automatically been deducted from my account in the amount of almost $150. So I cancelled all together. He kept... Read more

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I have tried almost every pillow out there. All sizes, shapes, firmness, polyfil, memory foam, foam rubber, feather, gel.... I was looking for a pillow that would be thick enough for a side sleeper and still support my neck when I roll to my back. I bought a My Pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I read and followed all the instructions and was so looking forward to a good nights sleep. Like another customer review I read, I also woke up with a... Read more

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I ordered this very cute light pink dress. I am 5'8 so I ordered a medium thinking it would fit in length. The sem to the back of the dress was so short it did not even cover my back. I have my 11 year old sister try it on and it did not even cover her butt. If i do not get a full refund for my order i will be more then mad. I think the fact that the dress was so poorly made is just awful and the fact that they sent it to me like that. If i was... Read more

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Magic Jack is knowingly selling tens of thousands devices to the Indian Payday Loan scammers. These scammers, using the guise of the US Government, Advance America, Cash Advance USA, Green Payday Loans, GE Finance, and others claim you have been approved for loans, grants, and/or refunds of up to $10,000, but you have to pay them money using Green Dot MoneyPak and/or Vanilla Reload Network cards. Personally, they got me for $6000 and now I'm... Read more

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This company is a scam. I urge anyone who is contemplating a purchase with them to read my review first. I order 2 wigs with them that total 106.18 that took almost 8 weeks to receive. After several complaints and a demand of a refund I received my wigs. I opened it and saw 2 wigs inserted in a wig bag, no tags indicating new wigs. Immediately I package it up and requested a refund. There was no return address and the only contact was through... Read more

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Camping World - Our camper was not locked and secured and therefore stolen off their property
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Our camper was in for some warranty repairs and we wanted to add on a spare tire. I was called on Wednesday November 11 (after they had it 6 weeks for what they said would only take 2 weeks) and was told it was ready. I told them it would be a few days before we could pick it up and they said for us to call ahead of time so they could pull it out. I just happened to drive past camping world on Saturday November 14 and saw my camper was out in... Read more

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