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Dennys Restaurant - Horrible 1.0 We went to Dennys in Columbia No this morning. We go 3 to 4 times a month. It is fathers day and we had our 8 year old granddaughter with us. She... Spencers - Rude manager 2.8 Spencer's inside Columbia, Missouri's mall: I walked in the store and right off the bat went to look at the gloves but as I picked them up a tag fell... Hercules Tires - Vibration Issues Terra Trac AT Three days ago I purchased a new set of XD wheels and some 285/55R20 Terra Tracs for my brand new 2016 Sierra 2500 HD with 5k Miles. I chose these... Panera Bread - Service seems to be getting worse all of the time THIS EVENING I VISITED THE PANERA BREAD SOUTH LOCATION, WHICH I USED TO DO ON A WEEKLY BASIS, BUT OVER THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS IT SEEMS THAT THE... Mediacom...1 Star 2.2 Mediacom... Pros: Fast speeds Easy to cancel service Cons: Service outages (always out) Package data overages Slow technical support I had Mediacom... Directv - Direct TV Sucks Started this morning with one of their ridiculous 30 min. updates. We were then confronted with the loss of CNN and Fox news. Somewhere in this mess... Fanatics - Would not contact me i placed an order. received a confirmation of payment. never received item.
i contacted them twice via email. no response. disappointed. it was a b...
Pep Boys - BadBusiness I took my 02 Kia Rio into them because when i started it, it periodically was making a prolonged squealing sound and i told them i was smelling...