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IRS Protects and support fraud irs OWE ME SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS BECAUSE THE INSURANCE COMPANY GAVE THEM FRAUDLENT 1099 INFORMATION. They initially said that the statue had... Books A Million - Unauthorized membership fee charged to my bank account two months after my visit, what the HECK!!! I just happened to be looking through my bank transactions for some reason today which I never do but I am glad I did. I made a purchase in the... Sams Club - Mold on bread 2.4 went to sams at eleven am monday, bought sara lee wheat white bread got home for supper mold all over both. have called store twice to tell manager... Petro Nissan - Petro automotive group 2.0 went in for regular 6 month service oil change tires rotated etc. they said the battery cables needs cleaning , and need and alignment and they broke... Cvs Caremark - CVS doesn't caremuch I'm so tired of fighting the establishment. I already lost 3 prescriptions for coverage and now they won't cover another one. I've spent HOURS/DAYS... Nexusthemes - Nexus themes have non existent support BEWARE Thinking about buying a theme? BEWARE Their themes have issues and they DO NOT support their themes. They ignore request for h... Petsmart - Science Diet Shopped at Petsmart store in Hattiesburg MS today to purchase Science Diet dog food. Very few cans on shelf, so I asked why and was told they were... Shoedazzle - Supposedly upgraded to VIP status? Upon receiving my credit card bill I noticed a "purchase" at Showdazzle? I have not bought anything from them in about 2 years because the ones I had...