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Featured Ups driver damaged 2 packages mon & tues 4.1 Review Detail Thrown pacage Ups 1/5 original star-rating waiting -MODERATION TEAM This review is waiting for approval by the Consumer Affairs... Burmans - Horse radish in the mayonnaise 1.2 LOOKS LIKE THEY DID IT AGAIN Purchase 4 bottles of mayonnaise, opened one threw it out one because I thought it went bad, opened a new still same... Dresslily - Have been given no contact..will not answer calls or emails We have a change of address but can't get the system to accept it. We can't get anyone to answer our calls. We can't get any answers on our emails..... RainSoft - No Problems with system. But buying Supplies I have never had any problems with my system. I love it. I have had mine since 2002. the only problem is to get the chemicals to use with it.... Icon Health and Fitness - Pissed off- No Service with this company!!!!! Don't buy Gold's Gym Products! DO NOT BUY a Gold's Gym CI exercise bike. I did and it has basically cost me over $1 per mile for the 20 times I used it before it broke. When I... Sprint - Customer Care Review from Rochester, Minnesota 1.6 This is my first time being with sprint , and honestly I'm not happy with this particular company . Customer Service is ridiculous there's no reason... Michelin tires NEVER last to the stated mileage I am done buying Michelin tires. In my experience they never last as long as advertised. My latest mistake Michelin Defenders will be deemed unsafe a... Mayo Clinic - My wife's doctor fired her 1.0 My wife and I moved to Rochester, MN in October of 2010 after I retired from the Navy. She had been on pain medication through the Navy health...