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Capella University - CAPELLA SCAM 1. CAPELLA “faculty” member (“Dr.”) Diane Stottlemyer, in fact “BOUGHT” her degrees from a diploma mill called, “Lacrosse University”. Stottlemyer... Medtronic - 10 minutes away and they "didn't have time" 1.0 My mother had a Medtronic arrhythmia device implanted in 2007. After years of struggling with heart arrhythmia, diabetes, and ultimately kidney... Capella University - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY I am a past learner who decided to return to Capella for a second degree after almost 10 years. I enrolled in a class on May 8th of this year and... Shameful Capella University Here's what you need to know about Capella University: I worked on my Ph.D. from 2008 to 2010. It was an arduous process with little support... ATT - AT&T IS THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH 1.2 First of all, trying to reach them can take hours. You hear about Comcast customer service.... Well this company is FARRRR worst then Comcast. 2 yrs... It WORKS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!. The wraps DO NOt WORK!!! when you try to cancel they say they will charge you for the wraps then they don't... TCF Bank - Digital Banking I do not like the new digital banking system. I hate that paying bills on line that I can not hid or disable a payee. I can only delete them which I... Cabinets To Go - Poor customer service, salesperson didn't order all the cabinets 2.8 Went in to order cabinets, went through my entire list and 3 of the items on my list that I gave them didn't get ordered. Requested base shoe and...