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Beware of Gatortail trailers aka Enclosed Trailers for Less. On November 14th 2014 they ripped me off for $500. On July 8th 2014 I spoke to Lee Davis, owner of Gatortail trailers. I bought an enclosed car trailer he advertised online on his web site for a total... Read more

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True story... I discovered that Cliq Studios imports their cabinetry from China and they lie to consumers that this is All American Made. They hide the fact that the wood which is used for their cabinets has been extensively treated with vast amount of formaldehyde and... Read more

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I ordered the 21 Day Fix in January- and I did enjoy the DVD's, meal plan and sample of shakes that were sent. HOWEVER- do not spend the money on this for a few reasons. 1) You can do it yourself! Go to your local store and buy tupperware containers, paint them... Read more

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Buyer beware - Rent Madeline Island Lodging (AKA Ben's Cabin) at your own risk. Ben Ryder and his Father Jim Ryder scammed my wife and I out of $525 for lodging that was scheduled FOR OUR HONEYMOON. I found his site through the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, We are very committed to our patients' satisfaction and their results. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can discuss your specific situation at Read more

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I visited my local Anytime Fitness in Jan 2011. Met with a pushy salesperson aka "owner" to discuss the club and what they could offer me. I had 3 other appointments set up at other facilities for that same day. I politely asked for a few days to think about joining... Read more

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Here's a guy with all these impressive credentials YET his track record is pathetic!!! I signed up a month ago and after getting access to Jim Rickard/Dan Abass actual closed and open recommendation was astounded to see they lost on over 70% of their trades with a... Read more

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Our Leafguard gutters leak in several places, especially in the corners. Their website boasts of a great warranty, but there is only a place to get an estimate, not real customer service. They want to sell, but don't want to deal with anything. To be honest, they are... Read more

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This Is such a scam sadly enough, as taught from a very young age, that if It seems too good to be true it more then likely is, and sadly enough, many who wish we had the head of hair we had in High school and for many in our early 20's, will sink to levels and lows... Read more

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Idecided to try this out. I was using Wella and always had good luck, but this sounded promising. I went through their process of determining what would be my "formula". After following their steps, my roots were a reddish medium brown and the rest of my hair was my... Read more

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