I visited my local Anytime Fitness in Jan 2011. Met with a pushy salesperson aka "owner" to discuss the club and what they could offer me. I had 3 other appointments set up at other facilities for that same day. I politely asked for a few days to think about joining and to take advantage of the "Free week" pass that I brought in from the website. I was then informed that if I did not join then at that moment , that I would no longer be eligible... Read more

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Beware of Gatortail trailers aka Enclosed Trailers for Less. On November 14th 2014 they ripped me off for $500. On July 8th 2014 I spoke to Lee Davis, owner of Gatortail trailers. I bought an enclosed car trailer he advertised online on his web site for a total of $4,804. He said it would take 1 to 2 weeks to build. I agreed and gave him my credit card to charge a $500 deposit. I told him I would come from Minnesota to pick up the... Read more

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True story... I discovered that Cliq Studios imports their cabinetry from China and they lie to consumers that this is All American Made. They hide the fact that the wood which is used for their cabinets has been extensively treated with vast amount of formaldehyde and other contaminants to preserve the wood and have it last longer and not fall apart. These cabinets are RTA arriving in large containers to the US. Then at their Connersville,... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, We are very committed to our patients' satisfaction and their results. Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can discuss your specific situation at dirpc@sonobello.com Read more

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Bought a Mastercraft door from Menards in Sept. 2008 for $800. Paid $400 to have it installed by lic. contractor. It was warped. Big, huge. obvious, gap. It is now March 2009 and all Menards has done is pass the buck-- sent me to deal with the manufacturer myself. I didn't buy the door from Mastercraft, I bouth it from Menards. All both of them do is make nicey, nicey and do nothing. Have spent hours trying to get resolution. All winter in... Read more

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I ordered the 21 Day Fix in January- and I did enjoy the DVD's, meal plan and sample of shakes that were sent. HOWEVER- do not spend the money on this for a few reasons. 1) You can do it yourself! Go to your local store and buy tupperware containers, paint them bright colors if it makes you feel better! The containers they send are worthless. 2) All of the meals can be searched online, you don't need the cookbook. 3) The work outs are... Read more

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Idecided to try this out. I was using Wella and always had good luck, but this sounded promising. I went through their process of determining what would be my "formula". After following their steps, my roots were a reddish medium brown and the rest of my hair was my natural dark brown. I was heading off on vacation in less than two weeks, I called and complained about this result and the customer service rep was extremely rude. She didn't offer... Read more

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I am writing to express my deep frustration about AT&T's way of doing business and overall ordering process. Let's start from the beginning. My parents went to visit the AT&T store in Clackamas mall in Portland intending to buy their lovely daughter an iPhone 4S for Christmas. Of course the store was sold out of these phones, as most of Oregon and Washington was at the time. They were then sold a $200 gift card by a rep named Alicia, and told... Read more

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I am so pissed! I check my acct. this morning and I have an unauthorized activity on my acct. from a company called Valuemax.....shown as "ap9* valuemax-v" on my acct. After a long morning of being on the phone I realized that this was taken out of my acct. because I did a reverse phone # look up on Intelius website aaaaand paid to do so. I clicked on a little box at some point during check out that said something like "Yes, I... Read more

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My Pillow was okay, nothing special, until I washed it. Even though I followed instructions exactly, it came out lumpy and impossible to sleep on. I had to throw it away because I hadn't kept the receipt. I ordered it directly from their website, so I know it wasn't a knock-off. I finally found the most comfortable pillow ever, and I've slept on a lot of pillows in my 60+ years. It's by Cuddledown. You have choices of feather or synthetic and... Read more

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