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Turco Construction - Liars - Storm Chasing Roofing Company 1.0 STORM CHASERS!!!! These guys are from Texas, they bought the company and show up when storms hit then disappear once the storm is over. This leaves... Mypillow - Face Literally Hurts in Morning! 3.0 This pillow is extremely uncomfortable! It's just a bunch of foam eggshell product cut up into smaller chunks and it makes the pillows horribly bumpy... Mypillow - Really Shady Advertising 2.4 I bought the two for one special thinking it was a special pricing for a limited time, only to find out that this ad runs continuously, it would be... Mypillow - My Pillows exploded in washing machine- had to buy a new washing machine 1.0 I purchased two sets of My Pillows from QVC in November 2013 and April 2014, and unfortunately one pillow from each set exploded in my washing... Mypillow - Very Overwhelmed 1.8 I was excited to buy the My Pillow after hearing about it in a commercial while watching General Hospital, so I bought one off the website being... Mypillow - My pillow was the worst, purchuse i ever made, its an awful piece of - - - -! 2.5 his add is very deceitful, buy one get the 2nd one free ***, ya! 130.00$ worth, the pillow is chunky, uncomfortable, I even tried to sell one of mine... Mypillow - Health problems after using My Pillow I purchased 2 pillows from My Pillow approximately 3 1/2 months ago. I started having nasal, coughing and respiratory problems shortly after using... Mypillow - Never buy this 1.0 i have a bad neck and heard things about my pillow and bought it i only got 1 and it made my neck worse and i almost went to go get a neck brace...