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I booked my room through Priceline and was put next to the boiler room which was adjacent from the elevator so it was quite noisy. I immediately tried to switch my room and I was told that is the Priceline pre-booked room. I confirmed with the midnight shift that I... Read more

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Oh ya i did. Back in June of 16 i decided to take out a loan. After submitting app a woman named Linda called me to verify. After verifing everythibg she called back and need a bit more information. I gave it to her and she said i was approved. I calledvher back to... Read more

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I am very disappointed at Intelius, they have a sale for $0.95 and I ended up paying $7.95. Bogus report and a scam. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRAP. They automatically sign you up for a so call premier monthly services if you do cannel within 7 days, you will end up paying... Read more

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My local Fairview clinic had closed and I needed an updated prescription for blood pressure medicine. I had never been to Health Partners before but they were local so I made an appointment. Went in, waited for about an hour and got to see the the doctor. The doctor... Read more

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Rented a car from Enterprise on Expedia and bought the rental insurance from them - turned out to be AON AFFINITY - the car got hail damage while I had it, $2,500 worth - 3 months later I'm still trying to get AON to pay - the claims process, customer service, and... Read more

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Had Sears put in total brake system on my Honda Pilot. Had problems from day one. Slipping on front right wheel and very noisy. After 3 visits they admitted that there is a problem, they diagnosed after that is was ABS. Took to dealer and this was not the problem. ... Read more

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Dave in he Operations side of 651 carpets was about as rude as they come. Never received an itemized bill. Took almost 3 months from start to finish and the sub contractor had no clue what he was walking into as there was no clear paperwork on what actually I...

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Same experience. My experience started when Costco changed from American Express to Citi. I tried to make a payment to AE and was rejected. AE said I need to make a payment to Citi. I was 2 days late owing $116. Two days after the due date the calls started. Home... Read more

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I don't understand how this company can someone's hijack personal information and display it on their website? My information does not belong to them and I do not want my personal information displayed online without my permission. How can I stop this from happening?... Read more

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We purchased an LG fridge ONE year ago along with their warranty. The compressor stopped working and we are on WEEK TWO of NO ONE FIXING or replacing the fridge! Many, many phone calls and a LOT of FRUSTRATION! Poor service - will never purchase from them again!

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