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Eagan Dental Clinic - Awful dentist! 1.0 Do NOT take your young children here!!!!! My 5 year old son was completely TRAUMATIZED this morning going in for his first filling and my husband had... Jewelry Exchange - 5 stars. Great experience 5.0 Went to the Jewelry Exchange in Eagan. On Sept 4th with my husband who has not been in a jewelry store in 17 years to upgrade my diamond. We worked... Hy Vee - Bad customer service (sexist, discriminatory) 1.0 At the location I go to has at least 2 parking spots for expecting moms and "new moms". I thought this wording was too narrow because other stores... UNRESPONSIVE PA at the minute clinic I went to the minute clinic in Eagan, MN 10/14/16 as a 63 yr old male with Bronchitis symptoms- raspy cough,etc. The PA stated- appears to be bronchi... Spee Dee Delivery Service - Incorrect Address - guess they never heard of GPS! 1.0 Sent my package back to the company I ordered it from because they said "incorrect address". When I called they read the address to me and it's corre... Petsmart - Poor accountability of grooming staff 2.6 I specifically scheduled my dog's grooming appointment for 7:00 am at the Eagan, MN store online. The website gave this time as an available option,... Warners Stellian - Worst warranty service ever! 2.6 They really push extended warranties and then make it very difficult to get your appliance fixed. Wait times when you call customer service to... Original mattress factory- uncomfortable mattress, even worse return policy 2.6 I bought the top of the line Europlush mattress for $1800 and was horrified to find how uncomfortable my first night sleep was. This bed was...