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Sterling Heights Police Department - To Protect and Screw 1.0 I had gotten into an accident on a private property lot with another person I had known. It was a simple accident that broke my tierod and did not... Sears - Poor Customer Relations I purchased a refrigerator and when the delivery people came to deliver it they dented the door. The delivery people claimed they would report this... Premier Care In Bathing - So far, The Perfect Heist. The company was sold three times in three months. They were selling extended warrantys up until they at least two weeks before they closed their... Central Transport - Completely Un-trustworthy Customer Service 1.4 You get what you pay for or in my case you pay exorbitantly for what you don't get... I am temporarily filling in for our shipper. I called Central... Metropcs - Double Billing 2.2 I just used the metro app to pay my bill. on the first attempt it said it failed and to please try again. on the second attempt it said successful... Steves Blinds And Wallpaper - They Are a Great Company 5.0 We have moved several times and always used Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper. We have purchased levolor cellular and mini blinds. We have also purchased... AARP United Healthcare Insurance 1.0 Dated: 10/15/2016
To: United Healthcare Insurance Company
P.O. Box: 30607
Salt Lake City, Utah 48130-0607

Atn: To Whom It May Concern:
Screaming Owl - Shipping Service Review from Sterling Heights, Michigan 1.0 I ordered this product over 2 months ago and I still have not received the product I ordered. I just recently as of Monday was told the order was...