More Less must have a complete *** for a web designer. If you happen to type in the wrong security code, all, and I mean ALL that you have typed in the comments box is erased! Thus, you have to start over if you wish to write a comment to a complaint. This happens to me at least once a week. I will request government training at once, in order to be a better typist, or at the least to get my eyes in focus, but in the meantime, the ***... Read more

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It happened again. I apparently missed-typed the security code and instead of just telling me to try again, the *** thing wiped out all of my comments. What *** designed this function on this website?? You have a website which purports to provide a forum and a help to consumers, and then it tells them to *** off when they make a typo. Can't you people fix this? I need another 30 words it seems in order to satisfy some other nonsense someone... Read more

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Today, for the second time since I started using Firefox 6 months ago, I found my search engine changed from Yahoo to Microsoft's Bing. I once again had to search around the web in order to find out how to change it back. This time I printed the directions. It seems Microsoft will hijack your search engine and change it to their "Bing" without giving you an opportunity to say no. They just do it. Then you wast alot of time trying to figure... Read more

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This company runs surveys in which you qualify and then take a survey and after you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for cash, e vouchers, etc. However, a word of warning: actually getting your earning from them may be problematical---I tried to get an certificate for my 2500 points, which is worth a $25 amazon cert. However, the response I got was there was an error saying they could not process it and to log out and try... Read more

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As a quick follow-up to my original post about Bing hijacking the search function: the instructions to change it are at the following link: Hope this helps and saves people from tearing out their hair over microsoft's nonsense. I also recommend switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. What a change and relief. Try it, you will love it after... Read more

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I just went to an "interview" at Bankers Life and Casualty. This is not what I was told on the phone that the job would be. On the phone the female stated I was not selling anything, I would make no less than $40000, and that I would be in an office from 8-5. Ok sounded worth the while. When I got there it was a recruiting seminar. I was in a room with 4 other people, who were told the same line of bull. This is a commission job, you will not... Read more

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I hosted a party for Arbonne in my home...everyone LOVED the stuff so I TOO wanted to try it out. I used it all over my face, hands, feet etc at the party, I now, am broken out, HUGE pimples everywhere on my face and chest and it SUCKS. I NEVER break out, ever. and the sales lady said OH NO WORRIES nobody is allergic to our stuff, ***. why am I broken out everywhere??? I just do not understand why it happened, two other grls at my show who used... Read more

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We signed up for travelers advantage when my mom and I were booking a room with Days Inn. I specifically told them I did not want to be signed up for anything other than Travelers Advantage. We were told that when we checked in at the Days Inn, we would be given $60 for the gas, and at each hotel we went to after that for our road trip we would also receive $60. When we got to our first hotel, they told us we needed to mail in the information... Read more

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I bought a car from right way in Bay City I'm Euclid Street on April 25th 2015 they are a ripoff they told me and my payment will be 360 and it is for 11 they also told me that my insurance would go down it went up I am paying 1200 dollars for insurance I've had to put in $100 into the car they also told me the car would be for 60 months its for 84 months and then they also told me that before my interest was 3 percent and now it's 6.75 this is... Read more

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it was like in February my cousin signed us both up. they called us both back like 3 days later. we was so excited. so we went there and they was just telling us kids who made it big through one source talent. so then they called me to a room for a interview they said I did good so I can come back. so like a week later I came back and they said they would interested to work with me so that's when they said I got to pay $200 to start. so I gave... Read more

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