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I just went to an "interview" at Bankers Life and Casualty. This is not what I was told on the phone that the job would be. On the phone the female stated I was not selling anything, I would make no less than $40000, and that I would be in an office from 8-5. Ok... Read more

Was this review helpful? 59 2 must have a complete *** for a web designer. If you happen to type in the wrong security code, all, and I mean ALL that you have typed in the comments box is erased! Thus, you have to start over if you wish to write a comment to a complaint. This... Read more

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If you can't get an 8$ order rite you don't deserve to even work there, I'm so pissed if I did my job like they do i'd been fired a long time ago

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I have been with aarons for a while in bay city saginaw mi bay city store employees and saginaw treat u like garbage always made my payments on time i notice something was wrong talked to district manager mike he was great and helped me and fix the problem noticed they... Read more

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There are not enough employees to help the costumers.Could not find anyone to wait on me to order food. It took an hour just to place an order and our jump time was an hour and a half. Sky zone does not have a good area suitable for very small children that is worth... Read more

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We had 5 accounts and lots of problems. The call quality has gotten better over time, but there are times when it won't work at all and was basically forced to upgrade to their premium calling to get any type of reception. Texts sometimes go through, sometimes take... Read more

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It happened again. I apparently missed-typed the security code and instead of just telling me to try again, the *** thing wiped out all of my comments. What *** designed this function on this website?? You have a website which purports to provide a forum and a help to... Read more

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This company runs surveys in which you qualify and then take a survey and after you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for cash, e vouchers, etc. However, a word of warning: actually getting your earning from them may be problematical---I tried to get an... Read more

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Today, for the second time since I started using Firefox 6 months ago, I found my search engine changed from Yahoo to Microsoft's Bing. I once again had to search around the web in order to find out how to change it back. This time I printed the directions. It... Read more

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As a quick follow-up to my original post about Bing hijacking the search function: the instructions to change it are at the following link: Hope this helps and saves people... Read more

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