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Directv - Overcharging 1.0 Direct TV is robbing me without a gun. I've had the service for 6 months. Horrible. Don't do it. My bill has increased every month. WHY? I called &... Duncan Hines - Comstock Cherry Pie Filling 1.0 I made a dessert Saturday using Comstock cherry pie filling and while eating the dessert, a pit was bitten into in one of the cherries. I thought it... Jcpenney Portraits - Review in Photography category from Romulus, Michigan 4.3 My daughter is now 2 and for the first year i got her picture done every month for the first year and every 6 months since then. I also took my mom... Checkers Drive In - Manager Review from Romulus, Michigan 2.2 Checkers at 9247 Middle Belt Rd, Romulus, MI 48174 the manager rhonda or whatever her name is is a snot nosed stuck up ***, who doesn't even have the... Gardner White Furniture - 180 day comfort satisfaction 2.1 so much for their comfort guarantee paid over 3500 for a adjustable bed but didnt go with the split mattress now the handicapped hubby is not... SUCKS!!!! Ruined our event!!! Two all-rescue dog teams were going to be in the Championships so I ordered shirts from on 9/25/15. The money was taken and charged to... Art Van Furniture - Couch Review from Romulus, Michigan 4.0 We spent over 2.500on 2chairs and a couch. Both of the chairs have ripped and the electric one had to be fixed 1time when it did the same thing again... Freedom Mortgage - Lied and wont call back if i can get to cancel before the seven days i am but wanna tell the head honcho first if anyone has a number plz give it to me. very mad no one to ca...