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Caliber Home Loans - Horrible Experience When I inquired about lower rates, since loan officer told me they would change is .25 lower, I was told in writing "Are you rate shopping me". Loan... Chrysler - 2015 Jeep Patriot 2.0 Not one service dealer hears a noise that everyone that rides in my Jeep hears. Rude people at dealerships, always nice when making a purchase.... Gannett - USA Today, Etc.—Lousy Customer Service 3.4 USA Today

I subscribe to two Gannett e-papers: USA Today and the Detroit Free Press. Customer Service is lousy because:
(1) If you subscribe to mo...
Red Robin - Burger Review from Rochester, Michigan 1.3 I have gone to Red Robin when it first opened and it was great. Now changes after changes have just made the place terrible!! I stopped going for a... Ford Credit - Screwed on late fees They have screwed us out of a bunch of money in late fees because of a mistake they made and when we tried to fix it, they wouldn't send us proof in a... Baker College - Bait and Switch I went to Baker college on the pre-tense they will find me a job. No they didn't, they didn't even find me my internship. Place should be shut down... Terminix missed three appointments 1.0 I have never seen a company run so poorly as Terminix. I scheduled three appointments and stayed home and all three times and no one ever came out. ... Lifetime Fitness - Meningitis at Rochester Hills LT 1.4 I cannot believe how careless was my local lifetime in the incident. Nobody even bothered telling any members what just happened 3 weeks back. I am ta...