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If I could i would give this business even less stars. Do NOT give these people your money. They rip you off. We took very good care of our apartment for the 4 months we lived in it and then cleaned it top to bottom when we left and only received $15 of the $500... Read more

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I've ordered from Perfectly Posh a few times in the last two years. I've always ordered directly from the website rather than from a party so my experiences may be very different than those who placed an order with a consultant face to face. Now that all orders of any... Read more

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Your company stinks...I will never ever buy another or recommend Alpine or any other trailer from you people. I waited and waited for our camper from the first week in July till Oct 21, 2016 to get my unit, and it is the worst thing I have ever done. Your people... Read more

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"Please help me before its too late!" My treatment plan through aspen dental ( mount pleasant Mich location) began Oct 30th 2015. My father took out $10,000 through the " care credit program" in order to help me out because the dds at the apen dental location listed... Read more

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Hi, The mount pleasant Mi store was closed at 8 pm for orders so they could leave by the posted 9pm. If you want all employees to leave by 9pm, then post your hours to close at 8pm. You shouldn't go to the doors, find them locked during business hours. I called and the... Read more

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Marvin Windows And Doors - Marvin new build windows FADING my wood floors and furniture
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In the spring of 2014 we replaced our 15 year old Vetter windows with Marvin New build Low E 272 with argon windows. With in a year I started to notice my furniture and wood floors fading SEVERLY! Along with that I feel like I have to wear sunglasses when I sit next... Read more

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We ordered in July and did not get till 10-21-2016 Was supposed to be like the 2016's with some new additions. We picked up, no storage, white flooring, carpeting is really cheap, no bedroom storage, a cabinet in the bathroom that is only about 6 inches wide (what... Read more

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Just find out that all the classes thatninhave taken is for nothing. I find a job that i liked and applied to it. Tjey told me that Ashford is not an accredited school. I feel that i have wasted 3 years on nothing. Read more

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We love ritz crackers. I have been buying them all our married live, which is almost 38 years. Recently, I have thought it a fluke during the last two-three purchases, that these crumble and fall apart so easily. The main reason I purchase them is for putting spreads... Read more

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I bought 3 bathing suits which i only received 2 of them and the 2 i did receive are 3x smaller then the size i ordered and there was no return label very disappointed in then tried to call costumer service and all you get is a recording to contact... Read more

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