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Wesley Berry Flowers - CLOSED
Photo by John Sobczak In the early 1990s, Wesley Berry Flowers saw a growth opportunity not in storefronts but in e-commerce.The 70-year-old Wesley B...
Lush Lawn - Review in Landscaping and Gardening category from Milford, Michigan 1.2 Worst company possible. Hired them for *** control. Said they were a family owned company and would take great care of us. TOTAL A LIE! Dropped the... Aarons Rents Magnavox Tv Rental Review from Milford, Michigan 3.6 Question: How much money annually does Aarons take in from customers who have returned a product mid month after fully paying for that month. Is it... Gnc Customer Care Review from Milford, Michigan Gnc sales guy was very rude and pushy. Tried to make me buy a $37 product that i was not interested in. Trued to tell me that hormones dont have... General Motors - Review in Auto category from Milford, Michigan I want someone to explain to me why a auto repair has has my car for 3 weeks and has replaced 4 censors and now says theres another censor out plus... Review about Gardner White Furniture Staff from Milford, Michigan 1.7 The auburn hills store has the rudest customer service I have honestly ever dealt with and it wasn't a one time thing. I had to go back to the store... Review about My Perfect Resume Trial from Milford, Michigan 1.0 I was never notified of a "trial period" coming to term, nor was I ever notified of a payment coming out of my account. Now they say they won't... Nabisco - Bring Back Our Dark Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies 4.0 I am so disappointed that Nabisco changed the dark chocolate pinwheel cookies to a new recipe. Yuck - they taste terrible. Tastes just like the copy...