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When you go on WBF website look under policy's. The policy's are there in black and white, they may substitute ANY item with out informing you, They May change delivery date when they NEED to. If you are cancelling the order wbf may keep up to a cretin % of the $$$.... Read more

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Forest River - Buyer beware, poor quality of workmanship on our 2014 destination trailer
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In 2013 we bought a new 2014 Model Salem destination trailer built by Forest River from Fun-N-Sun in Ludington, Michigan. The first season we had these issues covered by warranty with quality repair work done by Fun-N-Sun: Several leaking windows, a leaking shower and... Read more

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Started using Wen hair products in February 2014. At first, my hair felt healthier. Then I began to notice a lot more shedding than usual. Within months, my hair was significantly thinner. Once I stopped using the product, my hair started to regrow. I am stuck... Read more

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Owned the watch for ten month and only wore it three times and it stopped working. It sat in my office desk for a year and finally shipped it in to get service. To my surprise they wanted $250 to fix it. I am surprised that a company that is suppose to sell a premium... Read more

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My cable and internet was having problems. Call was told because I had Comcast for so long devices we're outdated. I was told that needed New device that could be sent to my home if I installed it myself it would be free. Got te Bill was charge with installing it... Read more

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I am NOT one who normally vents, but I'm very frustrated towards Discount Tire in Grandville who put my family at risk when we recently drove to Florida and back. I had brought the car into them prior to leaving asking them to check my tires and they told me I needed... Read more

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Question: How much money annually does Aarons take in from customers who have returned a product mid month after fully paying for that month. Is it legal that a company keeps customers money when no service is supplied? Is this action legal? Read more

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I have complained in the past about the White Lake, MI store about not keeping the shelves stocked. On 9/15/2015 around 2:00 pm I go into this store, against my better judgment, to pick up a few items. 7 of the 14 items I wanted were not stocked, completely empty. ...

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The auburn hills store has the rudest customer service I have honestly ever dealt with and it wasn't a one time thing. I had to go back to the store a couple of times to get things right and they acted as if I was bothering them everytme, even the way they answered the... Read more

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Please exuse me for my grammar it may not be correct, 1 year ago from last december I recieved a k60 ij laptop for christmas bought from BEST BUY in jackson michigan, At first I enjoyed the laptop but it had some problems that I noticed a week later The problems were... Read more

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