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Can not believe that I was sucked into this product. Total waste of money, as it does not clean anything. Diluted or full strength. The ordering web site is misleading. Ended up spending $50 on a 14.99 product. Dumb dumb dumb. Mad at myself, totally worthless product. This review is dumb also, because it says I have to enter 100 words. It doesn't take 100 words to state an obvious fact that the company is a total rip off, the product does... Read more

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Ordered bed, scammed into thinking we would get BIG savings and discount by buying also the twinXL mattress pads which will keep the warranty on mattresses valid and they were so much better. Wrong; I have spent half as much and got twice the padding from mattress pads from Meijer. Two weeks after purchasing bed they finally set up delivery. A day before delivery they called to confirm time...which in my book means the deal is now... Read more

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I have just received my copy of the June/July issue. I counted 23 pages on the same subject and 20 pages of Ads. When I first started to get this magazine, along with Reminisce Extra, it would take me 2 days to read it, cover to cover. Now? Maybe an hour, after I rip out all the inserts, and page turn past all the ads. What a waste of money! Some of the many stories that I looked forward to every month is no longer in the magazine. ... Read more

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When I signed up for a membership with 24 Hour Fitness I worked in Pasadena and lived in Reseda. I signed on for the full deal, which includes that forced package of 5 sessions with a "fitness professional" who promptly told me I needed to work on my body fat and tried to sell me a larger package of sessions. As a female at 5'9" and 140 pounds, my "body fat" was the least of my concerns. No thanks. All that aside, my office has moved twice... Read more

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I called and cancelled my subscription and they continued to bill me for 3 months, because they neglected to send me a cancellation confirmation I get $9.00 out of $120.00 back. So much for the 100 percent money back guarantee! Oh yeah and I waited on hold for an hour to talk to someone, and online with live help at the same time. The live help said it would be a 3 minute and 26 second wait, it was also an hour! When I finally talked with... Read more

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I bought a 2010 Equinox with the 2.4l in it. We had to have the time chain replaced twice! Each time I asked if this was damaging the engine and was assured it was not. Well, now that the warranty has expired dealer says I need new pistons and rings for a grand total of $4100 to fix it. GM says they will contribute $2500 and I have to pay $1600 and I will get a 12 month 12000 mile warranty. I asked how much to put in a new engine with a 36... Read more

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I was in the Lapeer, MI Kroger's on jan-9th around 3:30pm when after running all my foodstuffs through the card reader wouldn't take my ebt card after 5 tries. Not only was it embarrassing enough due to economic circumstances to have to take help but to be put out there as a non working person with an insuffience amount when it wasn't true was completely embarrassing to me. I also lost all the coupons I had used and was left with only one... Read more

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I recently went through the loan process with this company and whoa, it was definitely an experience. I would not use them again or recommend them to anyone I knew unless I hated them and wanted them to lose their dream home like we nearly did. The process started smoothly and easily as they only required a few documents that were easy to obtain and upload, but soon thereafter, they asked for more, then more, then more, get the... Read more

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I ordered a clutch for a customers lawnmower on 5/17 and was told it would be delivered in 3 business days. After 4 business days passes and no part still, I called Sears again and was told I would have the part by the end of the week. Still no part, so I called Sears for the 3rd time and was told to call on June 9th and they would give me a shipping tracking number. I called on the 9th of June and was told it was backorder to the 17th of June.... Read more

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It's getting harder to be a Meijers customer. Used to be I would go into your gas station swipe my card, pump the gas and leave. Then, they started asking for my zip code -- an annoyance. Today I stood there waiting for the pump to start pumping and didn't notice that the thing said, "Your transaction has been canceled." So I went into the station and a young man standing at the counter said he didn't know why it was canceled. I've been a... Read more

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