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Featured Comcast - Horrible installation I have a rental and the new tenants brought Comcast in. My issue is with the installation. I have no idea about the Comcast service. After the... Direct Energy will Hike their prices over double. 1.0 Direct Energy Has charged me nearly double the rate I was getting for Electricity after my Contract ended. If you use them and don't plan on keeping... Sherriff Goslin Roofing - Customer Care Review from Lansing, Michigan 1.0 Ed Hiefje IV, Branch Manager, Lansing, MI, is a terrible person. He allowed one of his crew to humiliate me, while he stood on my poorly repaired... Lazboy - Recliner Review from Lansing, Michigan 1.0 Chair is small rocker/recliner. 2 years old and the seat cushion is collapsing on the right side.It is wifes chair and she weighs 135lbs so weight is... Vitalchek - Having my doubts about this company 1.0 Ordered birth certificate on 4/1 said 3-5 business days, I also paid for overnight shipping which should have been here Saturday. I am now on hold... General Motors - Won't fix my car under warranty 2.1 We bought my 2014 camero and a year later it had a problem with the Air conditioning light coming on when you turned on the fan motor. If you turn... Discount Tire - After 40 years of buying tires here, never again! 2.5 Ever wonder how Discount can fix your flat for free? The same way time share companies can pay you to sit through their presentations. They just want... Steak N Shake - Worker of the Day Award - Dartaini C. 4.2 We went to the Edgewood #366 location in Lansing, MI on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Was very disappointed to see the number of tables that weren't...