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Wen is a rip off. I used it once and it worked great, but the second time not so good. I figured I would try it one more time and my hair felt dirty and stiff. I did send it back, but it can take up to 4 weeks for them to return your money. In the mean time I recieved my free gift of endless youth vitamins and thinking that was it I recieve another order of them with a bill for $89.95. I called them and the said it wasn't a free gift and... Read more

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Somehow I was directed to the website while I was trying to find the form from the website. I am not really sure of how, but somehow thats where I ended up. The website looked official, and I figured this was the website the US government used to simplify applications.I payed the application fee and filled out most of the application, but I was unsure of some information and then stopped. I do not own a printer,... Read more

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I was not told about a delivery charge until I had completed the sale. Then they asked whether I wanted the old dryer hauled away. I said "No," just to the garage. I was not told there would be an additional charge. When the delivery guy showed up he said their would be an additional charge but he didn't know how much. I, a 74 1/2 year old man, had to single-handedly move the old dryer to the garage. I was livid. I called the store in West... Read more

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In 2005 I basically got suckered in, at work, to sign up for a magazine service that was supposedly suppose to be "free" magazines for 2 years. Instead what I got was 3 years of headaches! You were supposed to pay $20 per month for the "shipping" of the magazines, which half of them didn't even come. Well I defaulted on my payments, and instead of cutting off the magazines, they put my account in collections. Which the... Read more

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I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) by my doctor for a *suspected* urinary tract infection back in October of 2009. I took just TWELVE pills and have been essentially bedridden and unable to walk since. You, the tax payer, now pay my bills as I am now on disability and likely will be for the rest of my miserable existence on this earth. I was just 30 years old when Bayer completely and utterly destroyed my life with those poison pills... Read more

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American Freight Furniture - Mattress Review from Lansing, Michigan
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BED BUGS!!! I purchased a matress and box spring from the Lansing Mi location. I have lived in the same house for 24 years. We have never had an issue. We had 4 people living here from 1992 till January 2016. At that point it is just me. i started getting bites but thought it was from aunts or spiders. till today when I found a bed bug. I did reserach online found out that it seems to be a common problem. i called the store and got blown off.... Read more

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My husband has a fever of 101 and he needs to stay home. He's not a little sick, he has a FEVER, is pale, looks awful and feels awful! But instead i got into a fight with him about how he needs to stay home and rest. Nope Jimmy Johns offers no sick days, and because he's a manager he can't call on his other managers to take his place because all of them work an ungodly amount of time, 12 hour plus days. If he doesn't show up to work even if he... Read more

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About 8 year's ago, I had TruGreen's service. The first two years were good. Then it went wrong. I signed up for 5 applications for the year. I noticed after 6 applications, they still came. So I called asking them not to come anymore. It did not work. I called again and talked to the manager. It did not work either. They kept putting chemical on my lawn and leaving bills. After 8th applications, I stopped paying the bill. They called us... Read more

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I had my number changed to an unlisted, non-published phone number in the fall because I was tired of getting creditor phone calls for my ex-husband. When I answered the phone yesterday I had an individual asking for my ex-husband. I made sure to get the person's name, the company name, address and phone number. It was from Midland Management company. I told them that I had documented the call and that they had better never call me again. I... Read more

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If you or someone you know in the State of Michigan obtained a loan from One Main Financial or a similar company, and you've made monthly payments where only $15-$30 has been applied to the Principal and leaving majority of your payment being charged to interest, please contact CEDAM. Or if you believe your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act have been violated, visit (National... Read more

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