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Sams Club - Wt. of meat d/n equal printed label 1.3 I bought a 5 1/2 lb chopped chuck at 1.79 a pound. When I got home, I make 4 oz pattie, then wrap in wax paper and 4 to a gallon zip lock bag. I... Papa Murphys - Bunch of braindead black trash. 3.5 Ordered by phone, the wrong pizza was made when I got there. I sat 5 minutes while they argued till a woman asked(axed) me again what I want, I told... Bob Evans Restaurants - Bad Mangement 1.9 Arrived at the Bob Evans in Kentwood Mi at 6 pm waiter was new and very nervous so we understood but the cooks took 40 minutes to cook pancakes so we... Planet Fitness - $39 "maintenance fee" 2.8 Joined in April of 2016 with an expected open date of May 2016. May moved to June etc and they finally opened after the 4th of July 2016. Upon... Taco Bell - Taco Review from Kentwood, Michigan 5.0 Great Employees And Management at Taco Bell on 44th Street just West of Division in Wyoming, Michigan! They are wonderful no matter what day time or... Steak N Shake - Sanitary Conditions Review from Kentwood, Michigan 2.1 Completely dissatisfied with the service. Last time I went I drank my pop past half way only to find a ring of mold on the inside of the glass. Went... Bob Evans Restaurants - Sanitary Conditions Review from Kentwood, Michigan I sat at counter and had all I could do to not throw up. The stainless and shelves were nasty. The manger looked nasty. Pants dragging on floor... Blingberry - Snow Shield Review from Kentwood, Michigan 1.0 I wish I would have read these reviews before making a purchase. I too ordered two snow shields on dec 2 as Christmas gifts. I have received only one...