More Less sells parts and supplies for automobiles. I searched the web for an auto filter for my car and after some 30 minutes and a dozen or so sites later, decided to order a cabin filter from these guys. The price was about 1/3 the price of most... Read more

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We watched the infomercial where they were advertising 2 for the price of 1 for around $39. They were showing full sized pillows. It never mentioned that this was the travel sized pillow! We placed the order and when we received the miniature pillows, we called to... Read more

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I bit the bullet and knew I had to surrender my reliable iPhone 4 that was in mint condition to AT&T because Apple is not offering IOS support so it would be a matter of time when it became obsolete. I wanted to upgrade to the 5S for $99 and also since the 5Cs were... Read more

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I have been with Melaleuca since 2003 and have been buying their products. I have not really made any money with them but I love their products! Everything I've tried is great and I have allergies to most cleaning products, and laundry detergents and the chemicals in... Read more

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Let me tell you about my experience with J.D,Byrider/CNAC in Kalamazoo MI. On Dec 29 ,2008 I needed a new vehicle, I went from car dealer to car dealer, no one would give me a loan because I had no credit. I went to J.D.Byrider/CNAC. They had a 2002 Montana. For... Read more

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Do Not Buy ANYTHING from these crooks. My item was never received. I piad for it via credit card. My emails are nevr answered. I tried to call them but I only get a voicemail. If anyone who reads this has the ability to start or promote a serious investigation of this... Read more

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Wesley Berry Flowers - Bait and Switch
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I ordered a floral arrangement from Westley Berry Flowers (Flower Delivery Express) that cost me $100.06, it was delivered the same day, so the Express part is correct. The problem is, the arrangement looked NOTHING like what I ordered! I attempted to contact FDE and... Read more

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Stevens Transport - Review about Truck Driver from Kalamazoo, Michigan
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An hit and run in Ohio dublj 12187 Read more

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I have ordered $10,000+ from lighting on the web in the last 2 months. My experience has been A+++ with them. Biggest discount on the Internet, fast shipping and always arrives in great shape. I have order 1 light from another company,, and it came broken and...

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Ups - What is a fragile sticker for?
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I was expecting a large boxed delivery. It came quite quickly. I have no problem with the speed of the delivery except maybe if they slowed down my order would not have had a smashed box and smashed contents. The box came with a gigantic FRAGILE sticker on it. Half the... Read more

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