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Resolved Camping World - Sheet Set Review from Grand Haven, Michigan I purchased queen short sheets washed them twice and they have a huge hole in them! Very unhappy with quality. Finally was excited to get sheet to f... Home Depot - Installation Review from Grand Haven, Michigan 1.0 Okay it is ONLY SIX MONTHS since I ordered a custom entrance door and storm door from Home Depot and finished Paying for it last month. 2 months... Megabus - Driver headed WRONG direction for miles after a short break It's true. Bus from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor Michigan had a short stop for restroom use/snacks. After that, the bus driver got on the highway headi... Triumph Motorcycles - Triumph will not stand behind its product! I purchased a New Rocket III, my 2 year warrant was up 3 months ago and a bearing between the engine and transmission went out. It just hit 8,000 mil... Invisalign Aligner Trays Review from Grand Haven, Michigan 1.0 I was told how "precise" this product was. Look at the photo. They completely left off the back of the top tray. My DDS did not pick up on it, but Inv... Invisalign Aligner Trays Review from Grand Haven, Michigan 1.3 I have had serious problems with my Invisaligns cutting up my mouth. There have been extra bits of plastic and one side of one tray does not cover my... Meijer - Review in Food Stores category from Grand Haven, Michigan Hey Fred Meijer, take your uscan check outs and shove them up your rosy red meijer ***, bring back the check out people and stop making ME spend my... Casting360 - Charge Review from Grand Haven, Michigan 1.0 I asked specifically about any other fees besides the 1.98 they told me no after they had my credit card they told me about a reoccurring 34 fee a...