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What a A-Hole!! After I was mislead from their website like many others. I decided to call since they offered help on the site for new timers. So I started the call by telling them I have no experience with farming, but I was interested in starting a blueberry farm in... Read more

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They took over my lap top !!!! Now after paying them 179.00 to get rid of a virus 1 yr ago ! suddenly my lap top started messing up I did not call them they called me They knew already they said they called to clean up my laptop How did they know it was acting up!!!!!... Read more

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Dear Consumers, I recently placed an order for 20 iphone 6s at for $6,980.00 they sent my package 3/16/2016 and I got it on 3/18/2016 by fedex. I did some research, these bad reviews are fake and some are from knockoff websites i.e.... Read more

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I'm just wondering, how many vehicles have been repo by Credit Acceptance for 1 payment. This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit. They put devices to track your car and will shut the vehicle down. Regardless of what's going on in... Read more

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Jessica Zamarron, ADAMLOVIE AND PINKSUGAR XO AND NOW THE REDCARPETS ARTISTS, AND THE SCORSESI MAKEUP is involved with unsavory business practices. She took my money to buy one of the beautiful bandange dresses and then everytiem I call, she gives me the run around. ... Read more

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1. Do we make fun of some of your purchases? Yes. Yes we do. 2. Want to get us angry? Ask for paper in plastic. We make it as heavy as possible. 3. When you have an extremely full cart, I will go get another one for you. This is to shorten your wait. I have never... Read more

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Pink Sugar XO - - website shut down for stealing from customers
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Jessica Zamarron's website, her former ecommerce site got shut down because she stole money from innocent buyers and failed to send out bikinis or dresses. She claims on her new site that she relaunched and changed companies because the... Read more

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I was very down on my luck and in dire need of a vehicle to get back and forth to work and get my child to school. I know the whole "do your homework" "only sign after you've read thru all fine print" yadda yadda and my back was truly "up against the proverbial wall",... Read more

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They tell you before you start that they guaranteed results, didn't have any? then call them. They will refund. they say you have to use all 6 sessions for best results, but when you do and haven't had any results they won't refund at all. They say they never said... Read more

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I have always wanted to try a airbrush makeup system so I took a chance with Luminess Air. I was told the trial was free and I would receive my money back as long as I return the system back within 30 days. I tried this system a few times and did not care for it and... Read more

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