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They took over my lap top !!!! Now after paying them 179.00 to get rid of a virus 1 yr ago ! suddenly my lap top started messing up I did not call them they called me They knew already they said they called to clean up my laptop How did they know it was acting up!!!!! they informed me that my laptop was critical .Then they said they could fix it for a fee of 279.00!!! *** My laptop is only 2 years old.I am the only 1 to use my laptop !!!..I... Read more

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I'm just wondering, how many vehicles have been repo by Credit Acceptance for 1 payment. This company is suppose to help people with no credit to bad credit. They put devices to track your car and will shut the vehicle down. Regardless of what's going on in your life! Then they will pick your vehicle up take it back to the dealership, resale it and now they are receiving payments from the new owner and you still have to pay them for what... Read more

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We are sorry you did not experience the program and all it has to offer. And more so we are sorry to hear your son was upset. It is never our intention. Read more

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1. Do we make fun of some of your purchases? Yes. Yes we do. 2. Want to get us angry? Ask for paper in plastic. We make it as heavy as possible. 3. When you have an extremely full cart, I will go get another one for you. This is to shorten your wait. I have never once been thanked. 4. If you are 65 or older, and drive a car as old as you, you give me a better tip for helping unload your groceries than the 25 year old in the 2011 Audi who... Read more

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This letter is being written to warn others of risks taken when dealing with OE Wheel Distributors of Sarasota Florida. The following is the letter that i have written to the Better Buisness Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency of Florida, Ford Motor Company, my credit card company who will be contesting the transaction on my behalf and Ebay who im sure will be doing its own investigation soon. I contacted “OE Wheels” approximately 10... Read more

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What a A-Hole!! After I was mislead from their website like many others. I decided to call since they offered help on the site for new timers. So I started the call by telling them I have no experience with farming, but I was interested in starting a blueberry farm in Pittsburgh. After I told him I only wanted 2000k bushes to start he immediately became rude. Stating he doesn't have to to teach anyone how to "farm blueberry" that I should just... Read more

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To start off with, I was an employee of TruGreen for roughly 5 years. I have extensive knowledge of how the company does business. Now, before any of you decided to hire TruGreen to do your lawn care for you, consider this... from the beginning. -The sales rep that you are contacting, works for $10 an hour with a rotten commission structure. Of all the years I worked there, they are pushed to work 9AM- 9PM and 9AM-5PM on Saturday, no... Read more

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Jessica Zamarron, ADAMLOVIE AND PINKSUGAR XO AND NOW THE REDCARPETS ARTISTS, AND THE SCORSESI MAKEUP is involved with unsavory business practices. She took my money to buy one of the beautiful bandange dresses and then everytiem I call, she gives me the run around. This was supposed to be for Christmas 2013! Now I'm out almost $200 which is not that much, but she has no business stealing from me. BEWARE of this charlatan and *** artist. She... Read more

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Have been trying to find replacement spacers for the pull out shelves on the lower base cabinets of the Brookhaven cabinets that were installed in 1996. The plastic spacers have all broken and the shelves have fallen. I have gone to local Woodmode dealers who have not been able to get replacement parts for me. NOT a happy consumer that (1) the design of the spacers does not provide enough support (all of the spacers have broken at the same... Read more

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wwwwwoooowwwwww ,cant immagine how the same guy that you are talking about got me , today in the afternoon . in novi michigan , he said that he had to go and catcdh his flight and he doesnt want to pay taxes on them in milano , he was begging me to buy them for $950 first then he went down to $300 for like 5 jackets . i bought them , they look really nice but after i googled them , the first thing that came up was this link for .... Read more

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