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Kelly Services - A Company on Drugs 1.0 Kelly Services expect you to pass a drug test to work in a Pizza factory but the people in charge of payroll cannot get it right. My first paycheck... Kelly Services - Incompetent office workers; Felicia Collins 1.0 This Broad should be fired for imcompetence and gaving a bad attitude towards the employees she sends out in the Field. 1) my first night working we... Ford Motor Company's Extended Service Plan Fraud 1.9 THE LEGAL CASE AGAINST FORD'S EXTENDED SERVICE PLANS In Small Claims Court in Alhambra, California, June 24, 2016, in my lawsuit against Ford Motor... Ford Credit - Worst customer service 1.5 I was called by Patel Smith from Ford Financial about a payment due. I have him the payment date and he recaped falsifying my account. I asked for a... Oakwood Hospital - Appointment Problems I was given 1:30 pm appointment and I was there on time. Yet they made me wait till 2:30 pm to get my NST done. They said they don't have a room for... Has Anyone had their FORD vehicle SHUT off driving down highway? 1.2 I purchased BRAN NEW 2016 Ford Expedition Platinum. Within 8000 miles the vehicle shut down while on a 6 lane highway passing two 18 wheelers. God... Ford - Rock Chip Peels Paint! No Warranty Coverage! 1.0 Ford HQ and Warranty refused to honor a clear manufacturing defect. A tiny rock chip on a front plastic trim piece caused the paint to peel. The... Epoxy Coat - Coating Review from Dearborn, Michigan 1.3 Purchased 4 pails from Lowes and 1 bucket had a darker tint. Now my beige floor has a darker tint, which is extremely noticeable. Called the company...