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My husband an I bought a dishwasher from Lowe's on January 17, 2017 and were told that we would not get delivery until January 30th. We decided to buy the dishwasher and wait until the 30th. About a week later Lowe's notified us that we would again have to wait until... Read more

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Lowes won't honor my Military ID here in Maine I am a US Veteran. I took a copy of my DD form 214 to DMV and received a Maine drivers License that shows I am a vet. Lowes will not Honor it for a discount They say they give all vets 10% but not here in Maine if you... Read more

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I bought two large Christmas lawn decorations from Lowe's just before Christmas in 2015, spending over $200. Both have fans to blow them up. They worked fine for last season. When I went to set them up this year neither of the fans would spin. They appeared to be... Read more

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Stanley Steemer of Marlboro, MA cleaned carpets on the first floor of my home for $597 (much more than anticipated). They also flooded my house with so much carbon monoxide that I have to vacate for over 2 hours while the Fire Department brought in industrial fans to... Read more

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I was shopping today at shop-rite in Stratford ct i went to the line the cashier was ringing a old men out she dint ask me or him when his stuff was ending because my stuff were on the belt my granddaughter was falling a sleep and the cashier started to ring my stuff... Read more

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I have been purchasing coach for at least 25 years. I will not be purchasing coach any more because of the change in the repair policy. I just had a pocketbook repaired after 3 years and it cost me $150. The free repairs were important to me. I do not get the current... Read more

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Will not watch anything Jim nance is doing, he is a major blowhard that ruins every sport he does'nnn

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I was trying to refinance my housing loan in Singapore and sent the application form through priority mail express, and though I was promised for 5 days of delivery, after 35 days, i am sitting here now with a returned to sender package!!!!! After half a month of... Read more

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I'm not sure where to begin? The food is overpriced & subs are very skimpy all bread! Bathrooms STINK! & very dirty, The place could use some updates, it's been 20 years & it could use a face lift. Very old & dirty. The owner of this establishment is nothing short of... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 has the poorest customer service I've ever seen. My fiancee and me were planning to visit NYC, so we decided to go by bus and bought two round-trip tickets online. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it due to health issues. But when we tried to cancel our... Read more

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